I’ve officially heard the phrase “What’s Etsy?” one too many times.

Just in case any of you might be in danger of uttering that very phrase in the future, I’m here to save you.  Etsy is a world of wonderful, albeit sometimes frightening, handmade and vintage goodness.  Etsy is where you should be shopping, like, most of the time.  Or selling that wicked awesome stuff you make.

To prove my point, today’s Cheap Thrill is a collection of five items I love that you can find on Etsy, each for $5 or less.  Or fewer.  Technically, fewer dollars, but less money.  I digress.

Here you go!  Five cute things for five dollars:

Completely adorable salvaged wooden birdy magnets!  If you’re like us, you always need more magnets.

The perfect set of baby sweater buttons!

I still have a soft spot for cute scrabble tile pendants

Earrings for my lovely cousin Ali, who loves things with birds on them.

A cute $5 buy, or a fun and easy DIY idea: chalkboard polaroids!

The defense rests.  Now go shopping.  It’s practically Mother’s Day, you know.