I’ve never been shy about my affection for Michael Jackson. In the face of countless rumors, mishaps, and accusations, I found him truly fascinating – a walking representation of the short-comings of this world, the damage we can do to our children, to each other, to our heroes. He was truly one of the most gifted entertainers we’ve been blessed with, and also one of the most tragic. How lonely it must have been to be MJ, and how difficult to be lonely with all of us watching. I hope he’s at peace. Maybe he and God had worked out something good in the midst of all the chaos… I hope so.

He will continue to be the soundtrack of my insecurity… any time I’m nervous about meeting new people, or going to a party, or playing entertainer myself, his songs will still be the ones I choose to play to psych myself up and dance it out. I’m thankful to him for that.

Also, those of you who have heard about the Man in the Mirror Project, it’s on… sort of has to be, don’t you think? I’m thinking about two years from now, probably on the anniversary of today… I’ll be needing about 200 of you. People get ready. 😉