Vintage poetry today…


you who has been always, and nothing…

you appear here in lines yet unwritten
offering a vocabulary i couldn’t have anticipated

the heart of me knows what follows
it recognizes in you the ancient-once it has loved equally –
curiosity, undeterred by self-preservation, requests you


just behind my eyes
so subtle, your arrival there at the front of all daydreams
quietly quickly and
firmly denied

there are risks my body still cannot fathom
parts of my heart it can no longer trust, and justly

i who have broken you always, and never
can’t be selfless enough not to risk you again

an improbable proposition – yours is the safest rejection, all silence and miles
would you hate to know there are parts of me that still wake up with your name

my lastly well-loved boy, imagine…

i may be sonnet to your prose
you, all irreverent language
i, always, the fear to oppose