Caper and I are having the perfect rainy Saturday (this Wednesday), complete with knitting, Chinese food, and Casablanca on the internet big screen. I thought it would be nice to post a little updaty sort of blog, so here goes.

First, in keeping with the recent theme: more knitwear!


Pattern: Brulee Scarf (linked on Ravely) Yarn: More yummy Beaverslide McTaggert Tweed


Coziness Factor: off the charts.
Easy pattern, too… all garter stitch with a little beginner crochet to dress up the ends… and a darn good excuse for cute buttons.

Congratulations to Dan and Mel on their amazing new apartment. It used to be a bakery, and is complete with awesome painted wood floors and beadboard walls, the world’s cutest (pink!) retro double oven, and interior stained glass windows. I’m a jealous, jealous girl. But I can’t think of any two who deserve it more!

This weekend at work we had the pleasure of hosting Edric Woo, the designer for Tara Keely… I was nervous that having him in the store might be awkward, but he was soooo much fun! I think we were all a little smitten (funny how the presence of someone male in a bridal salon sends all the girls into a tizzy). The brides loved him, his work is truly beautiful, and he’s a darn good bowler. Pamela took some great pictures… hopefully I’ll get copies soon. In the meantime, here’s my favorite gown from his latestest collection: Pretty Pretty Prettiness Edric, thank you for being such a blast! We love your work around here.

I also got to drive to Albany this weekend for Heather’s baby shower, which was an honor, and fun, in spite of all the usually baby shower silliness. Heather is the world’s most perfect pregnant person, and I can’t wait to meet little Sophie! It was good to see Heather and Kamala… funny how you sometimes don’t realize how much you miss someone until you see them. I’d like to show you pictures of the set I knit for Sophie-Muffin, but I’ve maxed out Flickr for the month and am too cheap to pay the yearly… March 1st!

Katelyn and Mikey were also here last week, and we played games and had fun. I feel like we’ve seen a lot of them in the last few months, and I’m glad, and I hope it continues! Nice to have a brother in the family.

And, let’s see, today I worked the stock market for the very first time (wow, go me), and sold a pair of shoes to Buffalo Exchange for $2.45, which I used to buy an iced caramel machiatto from Kale, whom I love and miss working with. Kale, kindly come crash on my couch again sometime soon. Ooo, also today I got word from Tamara Leeper that she might be coming to town!!! I’m pretty dang excited about that.

How’s that for mundane updaty blogging?

That’s all. Blessings and hugs.

  • Tamara February 26, 2009 at 11:37 am

    >Can I get a “what what!” hahaI am excited!