Been that kind of day, huh?  You’ve been moping around, feeling schlumpy and in a bit of a funk.  You’re bored with what’s on TV, you finished the book you were reading, your friends are all working or traveling or some other lame excuse something for not hanging out with you.  Your sister has warned you, lovingly, that if you pin one more picture of cute shoes to Pinterest she’s going to have you committed.  Your sock drawer has never looked sharper.  Sigh.

If only there were a completely ridiculous new blog feature on GoC.

Heheheh… today is your lucky day, my friend!  Introducing:

Caper’s Weekend Bucket List

A completely ridiculous excuse to post a cute picture of the kid looking hopeful and make a completely legit list of things you should do this weekend.  And here they are:

10. Go see the Muppet movie.  Seriously.  OMGoodness, so completely fabulous.

9. Call your grandmother.  Or mother.  Have a conversation that lasts at least 20 minutes.  You’ll thank me.

8. Write down five incredibly great things that happened this week.  You can do it.  Caper believes in you.  Look at him.

7. Send a random encouraging text to a friend you know could use it.

6. Walk down a sidewalk without stepping on the cracks.  You can even sing the song if you want to.

5. Write a haiku about Saturday night’s dinner.  Post it in the comment section.

4. Take a picture of something that makes you laugh.

3. Decorate anything- a Christmas tree, a pencil, a car, your house, a piece of paper, your face, whatever.  Make something sparkle.

2. Give a kid a high five.  Mean it.

1. Collect 20 hugs.  I totally think you can do this.  Make one of them me!  Count!  Report!

We double dog dare you, Caper and I, to do all of the above.  We’re going to (except for the Muppets – seen it), and you should to.  Beats the heck out of moping.