I didn’t go to Home Community tonight. Instead, I took a dog and a book and a blanket and a sandwich and sat myself down on the lawn at Mt. Tabor and enjoyed just being outside and peaceful for awhile. Which was lovely. But if I had gone to Home Community, I would have needed to bring my favorite food for the “Favorite Foods” potluck. And I would have brought this:



Oh, Haagen-Dazs vanilla raspberry swirl frozen yogurt – I love thee with a love that is more than love.

Now, make no mistake, this frozen yogurt isn’t good for you. Its list of ingredients, though refreshingly short, has both sugar and corn syrup (not really any better than its high fructose cousin) in the first four spots. But it isn’t terrible for you. And if you’re going to eat ice cream, I mean, come on. We’ll settle for “not terrible.”

Calorie wise, if you eat this whole pint, it’ll only set you back 510. Which is, ya know, a meal, and though you probably shouldn’t eat the whole pint if you can help it, (though you may not be able to help it. I understand.) it still beats the heck outta the 1000 calories you’d be downing in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

And for crying out loud, this isn’t a blog about nutrition, it’s a blog about cheap happiness. And at around $3, a pint of this will make you super happy on a hot summer day. Because it is super, super yummy – just the right blend of vanilla and berry to achieve total summery bliss. It’s pink, it’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s just about perfect. It might even be perfect. Whatever it is, it’s too darn good to be yogurt.