Today’s Cheap Thrill is a real do-gooder, and it’s brought to you by one beautiful girl named Caitlin who saw fit to start a bit of a body image revolution that I can’t help but get behind.

Most of you who follow this blog know that I deal with women and their body image issues at work every day. I witness first hand the absurd tendency that we all have to zoom in on the worst parts of ourselves the moment we step in front of a mirror, and the venomous way we turn that critical gaze onto each other. It’s tragic really – so many beautiful pieces of intentional creation being torn into unrecognizable ugliness, verbally berated, and scornfully poked and pinched. How very wasteful and how very sad.

Operation Beautiful is a rockstar of an idea – effective, unexpected, and cheap and easy to participate in. Here’s how you roll:

1) Buy some PostIt notes. Standard PostIts can run you anywhere from $1.99 up, depending on how many you want and how fancy you want to go. Or take some off your desk at home. Or ask your boss if you can have a pack for a good cause. Take note that this blog does not advocate stealing PostIts from work. But I’m not really watching you, either. Get some sticky notes.

2) Onto said sticky notes, write encouraging phrases, like: “You are beautiful EXACTLY as you are” or “Hey hottie, you look GOOD!” or “You are worth so much more than just your reflection. Beauty starts inside of you. And girl, you’ve got it going on.” or whatever you would like someone to say to you while you’re bikini shopping.

3) Take your PostIt army and deploy it onto mirrors in public places where women, or men, might see a PostIt in an insecure moment: dressing rooms, school bathrooms, other bathrooms, department stores, etc.

4) If you want to, take a picture and send it to Caitlin at She’ll write back to you, even, which is neat. Definitely visit the site for inspiration.

5) Remember that the words you’ve written to encourage others also apply to you. Remember that you were created to be who you are, not who you could be airbrushed into. Remember that you are a work of art. Wear yourself proudly. Go forth and be beautiful.


  • Shannon August 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    >THIS is my new favorite thing. Done and done.From now on I am going to carry post-its in my bag at all times. And perhaps some sidewalk chalk. Post-it number one: bathroom mirror at the Dragonfly, since we have post-its and i'm killing some time. win!

  • Amy Hauser August 17, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    >Shannon, you ROCK!

  • Amy Hauser August 17, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    >Shannon, you ROCK!

  • Lisa P August 18, 2010 at 5:28 am

    >Just got Post-its so I'm armed and ready. Love it.