The best I can figure, most of us are serenaded about once a year.

If you’re anything like me, this serenade usually arrives in the form of several of your closest friends and family members shouting Happy Birthday at you as loudly and terribly as they possibly can. Sure, they mean well- but I suspect we can do better.Here’s today’s Cheap Thrill Challenge, in honor of Grey’s Anatomy and their iffy musical episode:

You’ll need:
A solid spirit of wackiness
7-40 of your closest friends
A friend with a favorite song, and access to that song on the internet somewhere
Some paper and a printer
No shame whatsoever

Step 1: Identify your target and their favorite tune. We played this game with our friend Mike who has a thing for Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” The more unusual the song, the more fun you can have.

Step 2: Email a YouTube link or MP3 file of the song to a reliable posse of goons. Tell them to learn it, and designate a time and date for your attack. Birthdays are good, sure, but a random Tuesday at 6:00AM or Saturday at lunch would be all the more delightful. In the Mike scenario, we showed up “in the midnight hour” with candles on his birthday. Also include in your email suggested attire (yellow sweaters?) or props (pompoms? squirt guns?). Encourage your team to meet an hour or so ahead of time so you can sing the song through. Print song sheets so folks don’t have to memorize the words. Think Christmas caroling. Accompaniment is not necessary, but a talented guy or gal with a guitar never hurt anything either.

Step 3: Attack! Show up at your target’s home/place of employment/favorite coffee shop and treat them to an inspiring rendition of their favorite tune. They’ll be embarrassed, sure, and it’ll be whole worlds of awkward, but they’ll also be talking about it for the next 20 years. As will you. As will your co-conspirators. As will I, after you comment and tell me all about it. (Tip: After Mike’s song, we all turned tail and ran outta there without a word, which worked out brilliantly. Bonus points if you can make your target think they imagined the whole thing.)

Go forth, friends. Say I love you in a song. Let the music move you. Teach the world to sing. Make a little noise. We live but once, after all.