Dear Beautiful Girl - Girl of Cardigan

Dear Beautiful Girl –

Some day, when my bones are weary with age and your arms are full of your own babies, or perhaps their babies, I will pull your wrinkling face to mine and whisper to you about how I carried you.

Dear Beautiful Girl - Orange - Girl of Cardigan

Your fragile newborn self, your round-headed infant person, your laughing, squalling, joyful raging toddler limbs, your muscle and kicks and tears, your smooth-soled feet and your climbing fingers, the sweat of your curls on my back- I carried you.

Dear Beautiful Girl - Girl of Cardigan

My whole heart and your whole being, wrapped to each other, I carried you. On the days we paced dismal in each other’s failure, the days we climbed mountains, the days that were only just days- I carried you. Like a memory, like my own body, like every precious wild and temporary thing, I carried you, like the weight of the holy, like the deep grounding center of joy.
Today, you are sweetly sleep-breathing between my shoulders, and someday I will remind you, every day, where you have come from, where you belong.
I have always carried you. I will carry you always.

Dear Beautiful Girl - Girl of Cardigan

Friends – I am SO excited to announce the launch of the Girl of Cardigan Print Shop.  This piece, artfully designed by my gorgeous babywearing buddy Jill Smyth, is our first offering, either as an 8×10 print or a digital download for you to print as you will.  Click here to hop over to the shop and order yours!

I Carried You 8x10 - Girl of Cardigan

Girl of Cardigan

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  • nelle monaco July 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    i LOVE the print… hoping to purchase at some point! and the polka dot wrap- beautiful! where is it from? great post… and congrats on the launch of your new shop!!

    • karyn July 16, 2015 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you, lovely! The polka dot wrap is Kindred Montauk – if you click the image, it should take you to their website, <3 It's amaaaaaaaazing.