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Well, friends, it’s that time again: Fable’s Favorite Things!  You get a carseat and you get a carseat and you get a… wait.  Okay, well, here are Fable’s bestest of the best of friends, toys, helpers, holders, and lovies for her third, fourth, and fifth month of life.  A few things that Fave and I like may have made it in there too.  To see Fable’s Faves for Months 0-3, click here.


BumGenius Freetime AIO Diapers

We have been full time cloth diapering since just before Fabes hit the three month mark, and ohmygoodnessguys, I had no idea how much I would love it!  There is something so overwhelmingly pleasant about the whole thing – the cute, colorful, soft fabric diapers, the cushy flannel wipes, her gigantor fluffy bum that doesn’t fit in any of her tiny baby pants anymore – it’s delightful.  And yes, poop must occasionally be dealt with, but, honestly – the overall experience is so very much improved.

We love these BumGenius AIOs because they are easier than easy.  It’s cloth diapering for dummies.  There is no folding or stuffing or anything- diaper goes on, diaper goes off, diaper gets washed, repeat – no covers, no pins, nada.  I know some folks have experienced leaks with these dipes, and every baby is different, but we’ve had a pretty leak free time of it.  Our only major leaks have been due to user error, so we can’t really blame the diapers.  We love them.  We recommend them big time.  Bonus: they are cuter than cuter than cute.  Adorbs.  And now, because I’ve said both poop and adorbs, I’m instantly thinking of Wess Willis.  That association is your own damn fault, my friend.


Carseat Toys

Fable hates the car.  Hates it.  Unless she’s tired and can nap, she does not understand why on earth she should tolerate sitting alone in the back of a car, staring at her own reflection, while the grownups have conversations without her (or the grownup listens to that nogoodverybad radio) in the front seat.  The only, only, ONLY thing that makes car rides even remotely tolerable up in here is this little bug.  Mr. Ladybug Pants, I think, is his official name somehow – these things just happen.  He’s just a dangly toy you can pick up at Target for $6, but he hangs low enough to be grabbed and chewed, makes a remarkably pleasant chiming sound that doesn’t drive Mommy batty, and Fable with usually opt to play with him instead of screaming.  Life saved.  Any dangly carseat toy will do you right.  Get one.  Unless you have one of those magical car loving babies.  In which case, good for you.


Baby Lit Books

This is my favorite baby product ever made.  I’m a nerd.  Order all of them.  Win all the birthday parties.



I’m going to keep this brief, because I’m cooking up an entire post on babywearing for the very near future.  The Ergo is Fave’s fave carrier.  It’s also the carrier with the most sleepy baby dust loaded in it thus far.  It’s the nap maker, this thing, and so wonderfully easy to snap in and out of for trips to the store etc. etc. etc.


Woven Wrap

Again, see upcoming post on babywearing, but this is the wrap that changes everything – that saves my back and grants us our hiking walking exploring freedom for the next several YEARS.  This is the wrap of my dreamy dream life.  This one is from Girasol, but getting it was a total adventure – I will fill you in soon.  Live in suspense.


O Ball

This is a pretty simple one, guys, but I tell you what – this kid will roll for days to get to this squishable, grabbable ball.  One of those few, precious baby toys that is both easy to hold, soft enough to bop ones self in the face with repeatedly, and easy to clean.  You can pick one up basically anywhere for a few bucks.  Get a few.


I resisted Robeez for awhile, much like I did Toms, because I frankly thought they were sort of ugly.  But these soft soled leather baby shoes STAY ON BABY FEET.  Which, as we all know, is basically impossible.  They also seem to be super comfy for babies, and are relatively easy to come by used or handed down.  My friends with toddlers tell me that these are also spectacular for learning to walk, as the soft suede soles mimic bare feet and help poor wobbly babes balance.  And, now that I’ve gotten used to them, I have gone to the opposite extreme and am a little obsessed with how adorable they are.  Like Toms.  Whadaya know.



Meet Snail.  Snail lights up and makes sounds whenever the baby touches him, or someone sneezes, or a truck goes by, or anyone gets up from a chair, or the world revolves on its axis.  Thankfully, his sounds are relatively charming (you will find us exclaiming “wheeeeeee” an awful lot around our place in our best snail voices) and he is frickin baby catnip.  Snail snail snail snail gimmee snail.  Crying?  Snail.  Bored?  Snail.  Broken?  Snail.  Pooping?  Snail.  Snail is my best friend.



Snail is my best friend, and Jumperoo is kinda like my mentor.  If I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jumperoo is Giles.  Whenever I don’t know what to do, I hand things (namely, Fable) over to Jumperoo in full assurance that his bouncy bouncy bouncy wisdom will fix everything.  I would not shower without Jumperoo, now that swing has been declared boooooring and escapable.  Faby will bounce until she is so tired she can’t bounce anymore, and then keep bouncing.  Bonus: it’s super funny to watch babies jump.  Really.  Try it out.

These things cost a small fortune, but there is literally always one on Craigslist.  I picked ours up for $10 at a garage sale, tossed the fabric parts and gave it a good scrubbing, and here we are, bouncing blissfully.  Seek out a used one, fo sho.

AbiieBeyondJuniorYAbiie Beyond Junior Y HighChair

Is this not the sexiest high chair you’ve ever seen?  If that’s not enough for you, this sucker converts into a booster chair and then an honest to goodness chair for grownups.  We’ve been telling Fabes we hope she likes it, as it is her chair FOR LIFE.

See you in three more months!


  • SarahJeanne May 17, 2013 at 5:03 am

    I got here in a rather circuitous way early on a Friday morning, and I just wanted to say Thanks. We have ourselves an Eleanor, who is the same age as the (so amazingly wonderfully named) Fable. Fable and E agree on the most critical parts of life – their ergos, diapers, jumper chairs… But! We didn’t know about the literature for babies boardbooks. So thank you! Thank you! And again! Keep knitting and have a wonderful day. 🙂

    • karyn May 17, 2013 at 9:54 am

      Aw, you’re welcome! Fable may have been an Eleanor if it weren’t for another Eleanor born before her to our close friends – beautiful name. 🙂 The BabyLit books blew my mind when I found them. It’s word nerd heaven. I hope E enjoys them!

  • Kate December 21, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Karyn, serendipity led me to your site today! Your list of 10 things one learns in the first year of parenting is so. darn. spot on. My husband and I laughed out loud while we read it.

    Your posts have such a great feeling about them; I’ve really enjoyed exploring your site. I read many of your baby wearing posts (we love our Moby and Beco Gemini :), and your knitting posts (I’m totally in awe) before I spotted this list. And THEN! I saw those adorable Robeez – the exact same style our 7-mo old Helene received and now wears daily. I love how you compare your enthusiasm to these (now) awesome shoes to how you previously thought of TOMS; I just purchased my first pair of TOMS and figured I was one of the last to arrive at that party. Then when I noticed that the last comments on this page were posted on my birthday back in May, a little voice said “You must write Karyn right now!” I am so glad to have found/met you! 🙂

    I wish you a festive and love-filled holiday with your family and look forward to reading your posts in the new year!

    • karyn December 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm

      Aw, Kate, I love this! Thank you! Happiest of holidays to you, and thank you for the encouraging note. Fabes wears those Robeez basically every day too! Yay for twinsies!

  • American Heavyweight July 26, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    I got here because I googled “baby toys 3-6 months not ugly.” No joke, this was the very first hit. I’m going to go buy the snail snail snail because obviously I want to gift this to my girlfriend and have her love me forever!