Alright, confession: this post doesn’t really qualify as a “remix.”  I’ve never posted anything from this outfit before, but give a girl a break – I’m 6 months preggers and finding clothes that work is getting challenging, man, and half my remix tools are just hanging in the closet laughing at me.  But only half.  And I hereby solemnly swear to mix the kinder half in with elements from this look in the near future.  At least, I swear as solemnly as I can swear about a silly pregnancy fashion post while keeping a straight face.

Today we’ll play with colorblocking!  Yay hooray for color and summer and yaying in general!

I’ll admit that the whole idea of colorblocking makes me a bit nervous – it’s hard to do without feeling a little circusy, I’m not into hot pink and hot pink is so often involved, colorful pants make my hips feel loud, etc. etc. etc. whine whine etc.  However, I’ve figured out that if I stick to a palette that reminds me of the ocean, I feel safe and secure and not too much like a 6 foot highlighter.  I tend to gravitate toward sea glass colors when I shop, so why not wear them all at once?


The Neutral Long Sleeve T/Tank: A tank, clearly, in white.   Thrilling, I know, but pretty important for modesty’s sake, wouldn’t you say?

The Minty Tunic: Man, I love this tank.  I love it with a belt.  I love it without.  I love the minty happy color and the length and the way it’s a bit longer in the back.  H&M will hook you up with one to the tune of $6.95.  That’s cheap thrill territory, peeps.

Ms. Green Jeans: I say yes, get colored denim, but get it cheap, cause we all know trends aren’t forever.  These were <$20 at Forever 21, and great for folks who have maybe baby futures, as they are super stretchy and still wearable as we’re approaching 3rd tri.  Normal length pants = ankle length pants on me, which is thankfully great for summer.

The Blue Wedges: Ancient, from Target, sooooo comfy.  Could also be blue flats, blue heels, green whatever, choose your own adventure.

Also, here’s baby girl Little T.

This was last Friday, so 24 weeks on the dot.