This may be the mother of all remixes.

Mother!  Ha. Punny.

Seriously, though… okay, wait, firstly – hi there.  It’s been awhile, I know.  I have a million things to tell you about my busy year of wonder and busyness, about my future mommy blogger status (will you still be able to stand me?  Wait, is Girl of Cardigan even a thing anymore?  Didn’t she fall off the planet?), about the new bits of time that are slowly creeping into my schedule… but more on that later.  For today, I have for you the mother (snort) of all remixes.

The star of the show is this great blue Polka Dot Dress I bought at Old Navy for a very few dollars back in February.  Here she is in Vancouver BC:

I think I was about two days pregnant in this picture?  Too much information?  It’s just the truth.

She’s buddied up here with our old favorite The Grandpa Cardigan, some cozy gray tights, my loves The Cowpoke Boots, and a thrifted belt, as per usual.

I bought this dress knowing that I might be pregnant in the near future, and chose it specifically for its loosy goosey tent shape.  With a belt, it was flattering to my non-pregnant self, and with the cardigan and tights, totally winter-wearable.

Fast-forward to July, and here I am with 24 weeks worth of baby bump, 8o degree weather, lighter hair, rectangular pictures, and essentially the same dang outfit.  Success!

Yes, that ghostly whiteness is the God-givenIrishhonesttogoodness color of my legs.  Deal.

No belt, some sunglasses from Aldo (which I will argue is the best place to get sunglasses until I die) some huge (and somehow nearly invisible) feather earrings I picked up at a thrift store in Washington, and we’ve got ourselves a lovely summer maternity outfit.

What?  You don’t see a baby?  Oh.  Here.

There’s the bump in all her glory, complete with my best creepy joker smile just especially for you.  You better believe I have a blue polka dot outfit lined up for Baby Girl so we can remix this remix as twinsies in the fall.  Poor girl.  😉

My long-winded point is that maternity clothes are ridiculously expensive, so if you can and for as long as you can, don’t hesitate to keep trying on the regular clothes in your closet.  A tweak here, a belt removal there, a layer under here… you’ll be surprised how long you can rock your usual stuff.  More posts on this topic to come.

Many thanks to the beautiful Hannah Glavor for cracking me up singing “Proud to Be an American” while she took my picture today.