We’ve established that I’m soooo not a model, right?  Okay, good.

Here we are on week two of our new fashion remix plan.  If you missed where on earth I was planning to go with this idea, you can find out here.

Some mornings, I wake up pretty certain that all I want in the world is to curl up inside of an Eddie Bauer catalog and sleep for awhile in a world where clothes are simple, warm, timeless, and comfy.  But I also like to be allowed entry to SE Hawthorne and generally feed off of people complementing my outfit, so complete abandon is, sadly and shallowly, not usually an option.  Lame, I know.

Enter my go-to outfit:

You’ll recognize a few key players from last week, our friend the Tunic Length/Boyfriend Style Plaid Shirt and the completely necessary Dark Skinny Jeans.  So, basically the same outfit as last week, but with a lot less funk.  And we’re introducing some new, fantastically useful staple friends:

The Neutral Grandpa Cardigan: It isn’t white.  It isn’t gray.  It isn’t really a color at all.  It isn’t thick, but it isn’t too thin… it’s not super dooper long, but it’s sure not short either.  It’s the perfect frickin cardigan.  Mine came from Target via the extraordinary and generous (not to mention talented) Miss Hannah Glavor.

The Beat Up Brown Boots:  I beat these myself, but if you don’t have giant feet like I do, you can probably find some at a Goodwill or thrift store near you.  Knee high, calf high, booties – choose your own adventure.

The Legwarmers:  Dude.  Target.  Or cut the sleeves off a thrift store sweater and wear them on your legs.  They work, is the thing.  And look cozy.

Here is some super dopey modeling with dogs.

And here are two things that are true:

1. Dark skinny jeans can absolutely be worn by girls with hips.  They are flattering, actually.  If you’re nervous, treat them like tights for awhile and wear them under your summer dresses.

2. If you’re going to go baggy on top, try to go fitted on the bottom so you don’t look like a blob.  Also, look for oversized shirts and cardigans with seams that nip them in at the waist a bit.  When in doubt, belts will save you.

By the way, the dog in these pictures that isn’t our dog is special doggy guest star Duke, who belongs to Dan and Mel, who are the best there ever was.  Duke enjoys squirrels and walks and snuggles.  He has a hard time deciding which he loves most.  True story.

There you have it: a super cozy, super easy outfit with an equally casual but significantly less funky vibe as last week’s plaid incarnation.  Next week, we inch away from Portland plaid and zoom in on something a little snazzier, for those of you who have jobs where they actually care how you look.


  • Morgan December 7, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Haha, you’re funny Karyn. Oh, and I like your outfit. 🙂

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