Oh hey kids.

Time for another exciting Fashion Remix.  With some more inspired modeling:

So we have some old friends here: The Stripey Shirt, The Beat Up Brown Boots, The Cozy Cowl (albeit in a different color…) and The Belt, with a few new friends!  Introducing:

The Bright Skirt: I love red for skirts, but any bright color will do.  This one actually belonged to my stylish mother-in-law, Laura.  I love the high waist and the fit-and-flare hip action, and the belowtheknee length – no worrying about running around and unintentionally flashing folks.

The Black Tights: You should probably have about 10 pairs of these if you live in a place with winter.  I get mine at Costco and I love them.  DKNY microfiber, thick, opaque, practically indestructible.

There you have it.  Now you’re super styling.  BTW, black and red is not my favorite color combo, but when you add touches of brown, I’m all for it.  Try it out.

Also, here’s a pic of me and the guy who decided he should be in the pictures too.  Enjoy.


  • Laura Thurston February 1, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    OH! I just found this while looking for some recent blogs!
    Do you really think I am stylish? Such a compliment!
    The red skirt is awesome on you and I love the way you paired it up with other colors. Hugs!