Hello and welcome to another exciting fashion remix.  I’m your host, Karyn, and today we’re going to talk about pattern.

You heard me.  Pattern

“But, but, BUT…” you say, “Pattern is not versatile.  Pattern is not remix friendly!  Pattern is single purpose.  Pattern is doom!”  Chill out, you.  Pattern is your friend.  Pattern is plenty versatile, plus, it will make you happy.  Really.  Trust me.

Here we have some old friends back again to play: The Beat Up Brown Boots.  The Dark Skinny Jeans.  The Belt.  The Cozy Cowl.  All folks we know and love.  And we introduce:

The Neutral Long Sleeve T: Get some.  I like the henleys from H&M for $8 because they’re long, but you can get a long sleeve tshirt in basically any store anywhere.  Light gray, navy, and white are my go to colors.  You might like black.

The Patterned Cardigan: Your cardigan doesn’t have to look like mine.  Mine is too long for some of you, and has no buttons, which isn’t always the best.  The point is, get something with some color and a little crazy to it.  Brighten up your life a bit.  I’ll show you later just how versatile she can be.

Keys to this outfit: Belt keeps me from looking like a box.  Long cardigan over skinny jeans = dress over tights, as far as hip flattering goes.  Skinny jeans to tuck into boots (no bunching your straights in there).  Cowl doesn’t match.  On purpose.  Which make it look like you aren’t trying quite so hard.

And dude, check out this lighthouse!