One of the many things I love about Favorite is his conscience.

I often tell people “If you want something done quickly, ask me.  If you want it done well, talk to my husband.”  Favorite takes his time with things.  He does the research.  He finds the best answer.  And the finished product?  It’s excellent.  I do things well, and I do things fast, and my finished product is usually in the good range, but it isn’t usually excellent.  All the pictures that are hanging slightly crooked in our home?  My doing.  The perfectly measured and weighted curtain rods?  All Favorite.  You get the idea.

Favorite couldn’t care less about fashion.  The man would prefer to grow a massive beard and wander around shirtless, if only society would allow.  However, he makes an effort to dress nicely because he cares about people, about me, and about respecting his surroundings.  He’s been exceptionally great about letting me treat him like a man-size paper doll, with only one catch – Favorite doesn’t compromise when it comes to the ethics of his fashion choices.  You will find no trace of sweatshop, unfair wage, or sketchy sourcing in that man’s closet.  He cannot be swayed by a particularly attractive pair of shoes to “look the other way, just this once.”  I’m lucky to have him keeping me accountable on this one.

Because of Favorite, I’ve learned a few things about sourcing and ethics as they pertain to fashion, with some surprising results.  Who knew The Gap was such a rockstar?  Did you know that Urban Outfitters in house line is made in the US?  I do now.  Levi’s?  Pretty good guys.  Sketchers?  Sorta sketch.

It’s an interesting world out there, once you start paying attention.  Favorite and I do what we can to buy local, to buy eco-friendly, and whenever possibly possible, to buy used!  Here are some great tools if you’re interested in becoming more selective with your buying power:

Free2Work – this great site reviews all kinds of companies ethics and policies so you don’t have to.

Buffalo Exchange – You may have one near you.  Go there.

The Ethical Fashion Forum – Tons of great info on this site!  Tons!  Tons!

Thinker Maker – This Aussie gal has some fabulous things to say on the subject.  Plus I think she’s adorable.

I’m so happy to have a Favorite who is teaching me to buy what I need, from sources that are doing good instead of harm.  I love you, darling husband of mine.