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Oh hi folks.

Sorry about the delay!  We were walloped by a case of the severe nasties (aka flu), but today things are looking up.  And, honestly, flu? In June?  Is that even allowed?

I hope you’ve discovered some tasty new greens to use in your salads this week.  How’s it going?  Let me know!

This week’s challenge is to De-Sugar Your Breakfast.  Some of you, you breakfast rockstars, are already way ahead of the game on this one.  But for those of you who are still eating your boxed cereals or donuts or flavored yogurt or whatnot, it’s time.  Take a deep breath.  Here we go:

Cereal/Oatmeal eaters: Check the sugar content on your fave cereal or instant oats, then swap it out for an unsweetened or very lightly sweetened variety.  Missing the sweet?  Try adding fruit!  Toss in some blueberries or strawberries or banana!  If that doesn’t do it for you, add a bit of a close-to-nature sugar: honey, agave, date sugar.  Just try to keep the amount as low as you can – you can wean yourself down over a series of days if you like!

Pastry eaters:  Oh guys, this one is tricky.  Here’s my proposal.  Try some whole wheat toast or a bagel, with some peanut butter or naturally, lightly sweetened jam.  I’ll vote yes to cream cheese in moderate amounts for now.  Also eat a piece of fruit.  Pineapple has awesome sweetness factor!  If you can make it through a week, on Saturday, treat yourself to whatever sugar madness your little heart desires.

Flavored yogurt folks: Try getting some plain yogurt and adding your own fruit and natural sweetener.  Go Greek!  Lots of protein.

You eggs and bacon eaters – you’re on my radar, but you’re safe for now.  😉

Just for fun, here’s what Fave and I eat for breakfast most days.  Disclaimer: there’s some sugar in here, obvi.  But not a ton:

Fave’s Fave Oatmeal (Served Chilled!)


1/2 cup Rolled Oats (normal or quick, doesn’t matter, buy bulk for cheapness)

2 T Dried Cranberries (we buy these bulk too)

2 T Unsweetened Raisins (bulk also)

Half a Banana, sliced (bananas are sort of always bulk, no?)

1/4 cup Soy or Greek Yogurt (plain, unsweetened)

Soy or Nonfat milk, enough to cover everything. (plain, unsweetened Soy, that is)

3 T Ground Flax (you can use an old electric coffee grinder to grind seeds, or just buy it already ground)

Honey (optional) or Molasses (optional) or Date Sugar (also optional) or sweetener of choice.


Put approximately half a cup of dry oats in your bowl.  Mix in cranberries, raisins, banana, yogurt, and enough milk to submerge all your other ingredients.  Let sit overnight in the fridge.  In the morning, stir in flax and your sweetener of choice, and dig in!

We love these oats because they are basically ready to go in the morning (which I never am, so we’re a good match).  I never liked oatmeal until I tried it cold!  Try it out!

Happy breaking fast.  🙂



  • judy/mom/grandma! June 12, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Ever since Noel made this for me it is pretty much all I have for breakfast anymore. Yum!