Fit with Fave - Common Sense Changes for Better Eating - Girl of Cardigan

Oh hi folks!

I hope you enjoyed your two weeks of no new challenges, and I hope the break gave you time to get used to the idea of eating a little less meat.  Let me know how you’re doing!

Before we get started, a confession: I am sometimes an idiot who gets suckered into debates on Facebook.  Ugh.  This week, I got into a pretty interesting row about the health food industry being contrary to the gospel – true story.  So, in case there has been any confusion, allow me to (snarkily) clarify something:

IMPORTANT: Eating healthfully will not save your soul.  It will maybe make you feel better, lose a few pounds, and allow you to avoid dealing with some annoying heath issues, but it is no substitute for Jesus.  Please do not make carrots or cabbage or the body of your dreams your God.  Clear?  Okay, moving right along.

This week, we’re all about snackity snacks.  Specifically, we are subbing in some superior salty snacks! (How you guys doing with the alliteration routine?  Sucky?  Superb?  Sorry.  On we go.)

Here are some things you might be eating to satisfy your salt cravings:

Chips: potato, tortilla, or otherwise
Cheez-its or Cheetos or other fake cheese product (technically crackers, but worthy of their own category)
Straight up cheese (raises hand – soooo me)
Why do all the salty snacks start with C?
Ooo, buttered popcorn.  No C’s there.

Now, remember, this game is about moderation.  You don’t have to stop eating any of these things – we just want to reduce the frequency with which you are chomping them by replacing them some of the time with other options.  So this week, instead of buying Dorritos and cheddar and Jaunitas (NO, NOT THE JAUNITAS!!  Okay, buy the Jaunitas), try picking up some of the following and subbing them in when you are craving your usual vices:

Nuts!  Any nuts!  Nuts nuts nuts!  Or seeds!  I know, I know – but Karyn, but Fave, nuts are high in calories and fats!  Gentle reader, I’m asking you to trust me.  Next week, we’re going to blow your mind with scientific studies about nuts.  This week – trust me and buy some nuts.  The less salt/flavoring/gunk in/on your nuts (teehee), the better.  Buying them in the bulk section is helpful for this, as the canned and jarred variety tend to get kind of, well, complicated.

Nut Butter and Crunchy Veggies!  Peanut butter and celery, almond butter and carrots, you name it.  Yum peanut butter.

Hummus!  Dude, hummus is yummus.  It’s maybe not technically awesome for you, but it’s an upgrade from Kettle Chips, especially if you eat it with veggies veggies more veggies.  Also simple guacamole that’s mostly avocado, or pico de gallo.  Mmmmm tasty.

Pickles!  No, I’m not kidding.  Pickles are rad, and they are made of vegetables.  But eat them sparingly, because they are waaaaay salty.  Maybe a bite of pickle.  If you really need it.

Popcorn.  Specifically, Fave’s Magic Popcorn.  Please see below.  Cheese is involved, you panicky cheese lovers you.  I got your back, yo.

That’s it!  The great salty snack swap!  You sweet snack cravers, hang in there – we’ll deal with you in a few weeks.


Fave’s Magic Popcorn

Popcorn, popped. (we pop ours on the stove, but you can use plain, unbuttered, unsalted microwave stuff too.  If you use an air popper, you might have to spray a bit of oil on your poppycorns to make them sticky)
1 Apple, cut into cubes
A couple oz of sharp cheese, cut into little 1/4 in squares
Nutritional Yeast- dump about 1/4 cup on there.  You should be able to see it on the kernels, but not blow it off of them (once you mix it, obvi)
Paprika to taste
Chili Powder to taste
Salt to taste

 Mix all the things together.  Add cayenne pepper if you like that sort of thing.  You’re welcome.