Fit with Fave - Common Sense Changes for Better Eating - Girl of Cardigan

Hi friends.

Before we dive into this week’s challenge, which is pretty simple, let’s review where we are.  Assuming you started our Fit with Fave challenge eating like a pretty average American (meat every day, lots of take out and fast food, lots of processed food, few veggies), here’s what you’ve changed so far:

You’ve enlisted the support of your family and friends
You’ve significantly reduced your dinner portion size.
You’ve thrown out one sugary beverage every day (that’s hundreds of calories a week, folks) and are drinking more water.
You’re eating more salad/veggies, further reducing the empty calories in your dinner and replacing them with good nutritious goodness.
You’re spending more time at the table.
You’re eating a better breakfast, with less sugar, and getting a better start to your day.
You’re eating greens that pack a punch and getting the most out of your salad by adding in great ingredients and getting rid of the crappy non-salad stuff.
You’ve kicked the meat out of at least two dinners a week, which lowers your risk of heart disease and a ton of other nasty stuff.
You’re eating smarter salty snacks.

I know each week doesn’t seem like much, but when you look at it in hindsight, man, you’ve already significantly reformed your eating!  Keep at it.  This week is easy: EAT MORE NUTS!

I could spend a ton of time trying to explain the whole “why nuts are good for you” thing here, and make you crazy, and make Fave feel embarrassed about my scientific ineptitude, or I could ask you to spend 10 minutes of your life watching the video you’ll find at this link.  You won’t regret it.  It’s going to blow. Your. Mind.


You’re welcome.

Eat more nuts.


Coming next week: Fave and I combine our knowledge to hack your Starbucks order and teach you insider tricks for getting the coffee beverage you want without all the fakey sugar-free crap and unnecessary calories.  You’re going to be ordering like a pro from now on.  Stay tuned.