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Hello and welcome to week two.  A plate shrinking week.

I hope you were successful in communicating your intention to change a few things about the way you eat to the ones you eat with most!  I’d love to hear how it went, if you feel inclined to comment it up.  Anyone’s spouse/other/buddy jumping on board with them?  They’re just in time, because this week is an action week.

Side note – this may seem slow for some of you, so I’m going to start adding a go-ahead challenge at the end of each new challenge, for those of you who get frustrated when things move too slowly.  Look for it in italics at the bottom of this entry.

Here’s the thing- this is less about science and more about common sense.  Here’s your challenge for this week: Start eating your dinner (and lunch, for that matter) off of 7-8″ plates.

Not sure what size your plates are?  You can measure!  The average dinner plate has increased in size pretty dramatically over the last several decades, and most dinner plates are about 10-10.5″ in diameter.  We’re asking you to bust out those salad plates, kids, and start using them for your main meals.  That’s it!  That’s the whole dare!  Keep eating whatever you are eating, but start doing it off of smaller plates.  If you need to go back for seconds for a while until you get used to it, that is okay by me.

This challenge doesn’t really require a lot of explaining – smaller plates, less food, the visual satisfaction of a full plate with more normalized portions = happy brain = happy belly yada yada yada.  You can figure it out.  So, since we don’t have a whole lot of explaining to do, maybe we need to do some shopping?

Want to use this as an excuse to get some super cute new plates?  I would.  I usually stock up on single salad plates when they go on sale at Anthropologie, so I have a whole mismatched collection, but here are a few pretty things off of which you could get excited about eating:

Loving Target’s new Threshold line.  I found these, and these, and these. (that last one is a bit big, but that rim will give you a hard time if you try to overload it)

Also at Target: Affordable modern, rustic blue, a little humor with your meal, or classic vintage.

How I usually roll (wait for sale prices!)

Some great summery options here.

Happy plate seeking and shrinking!  Put those dinner plates away for your next holiday party.  Added bonus: more on-hand cabinet space!  Look at you, already winning.  😉


Edited to add: A note on eating out – obviously, most restaurants are not going to serve you smaller plates.  If you’re eating with someone who shares your tastes, split a meal – you’ll save money and probably still wind up full.  If that’s not possible, order up a to-go container at the beginning of your meal and squirrel half of your plate away for tomorrow.  You might look a little silly, but remember – everyone else is way too worried about how they look to be paying attention to your eating habits.  🙂

Go-Ahead Challenge: Eat more nuts!  Add a small handful of nuts (any nuts) to your daily snacking routine, or exchange the cream cheese on your bagel for peanut butter, or slap some almond butter on some celery instead of hummus or ranch or whatever you’ve been dipping in.  The less salt and sugar involved, the more awesome you get to brag about being, but for now, go with whatever you can handle that gets you eating more nuts!

Two things – obvi, if you are allergic, don’t do this.  Also, adding a brownie with nuts doesn’t count.  Nuts must be the only or at least main ingredient.  Nice try, though.  Half credit if you add nuts to the brownie you were going to eat anyway.  I’m easy like that.

We’ll talk more about why nuts are awesome in a few weeks.  Till then, you can look it up if you’re so inclined.

  • Tom Serface April 22, 2013 at 11:21 am

    The smaller plate thing works. Also smaller bowls. As you know I eat ice cream in a Pyrex ramekin so it only holds about a scoop and a half. I still get to eat ice cream (well mostly I like Umpqua Raspberry Swirl Frozen yogurt) and I still feel like it’s a full bowl.

    I also like the small cookies (like Lorna Doones) that come in the 200 cal bags. The cookies are small, but you get about 30 of them so it seems like a lot.

    Also, snack size zip lock bags are a good thing from bringing snacks along. They are around half the size of the sandwich size bags.

    Also, what about nutella… we live in Oregon land of the hazelnuts!!!! 🙂 Good on waffles, bagels, toast, etc. It’s not non-fat, but like other nuts I think it’s mostly good fat.

    • karyn April 22, 2013 at 3:23 pm

      I am all about the ice cream in ramekins. In fact, I just ate some ice cream out of a ramekin. Whaddaya know? 😉
      Nutella loses points for also having lots of sugar and other gunk in it – see the “less sugar and salt, more bragging rights” clause. But if you’re using it to replace Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce or strawberry jam, well, good on you. Well played.
      My thoughts on Lorna Doones and other 200 calorie packs are for another day. Love you.

  • Jessica Robinson April 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    We ate a lot of nuts on our cleanse last month – I found them satisfying and tasty (and a great alternative to chips)! We would buy raw almonds in bulk and roast them in the oven with a little olive oil and toss with rosemary and sea salt. Lots of flavor combinations you can do!
    Overeating is my biggest transgression. I love the feeling over-full. Just taking it one meal at a time and trying to stop when I’m actually satisfied. 🙂

    • karyn April 22, 2013 at 3:26 pm

      Ooo, good call on the almonds. I have a recipe for Chipotle Lime Almonds I’ve been meaning to try. Chipotle is my biggest ally.
      I am not a natural nut fan, so this is an on-going conversion for me. But the studies about nut fats and health/weight gain are pretty crazy, so I’m trying to become a lover of the nuts. Please don’t repeat that out of context. 🙂
      Sugar is my issue, fo sho. Sweet tooth of doooooooom.

  • Lauren Andrade April 22, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Hi Karyn!
    It’s Lauren here – remember me, we used to work at Trudy’s together 😉 Well, I have a confession to make…I’ve been Facebook/Blog stalking you for a few years now! It all started with your super darling, creative wedding (my hub and I were married a week after you, so I was doing ALOT of wedding stalking around that time 😉 I then subscribed to your blog which I find so easy to read and fun each month, and now of course is your adorable little girl and such useful info on pregnancy and new motherhood (most of my FB stalking has moved from weddings to pregnancy/baby pictures)…any who, over the last two and a half years since the wedding I’ve gained quite a bit of weight…you know the saying, “Fat & Happy” well that’s me! In my adulthood I’ve really struggled with weight loss- I’ve tried everything from SouthBeach, to Atkins, to Clean Eating, to WW, to juice fasting…all successful for a few weeks, even a month or so, but nothing lasting. I felt like for every lb. I lost I ended up gaining it back plus 1. My husband and I are FOODIES! We love food; cooking food (especially French food), sharing food with friends, celebrating with food, and drinking wine…all of these things not conducive to a slim waist line and healthy heart. I’ve been disheartened lately, feeling overwhelmed by the thought of beginning ANOTHER diet. Having to make 1000 changes all at once and knowing I’ve been down this rode before and found myself right back at the starting line…what’s the point I thought. Until I read your blog and your “Fit with Fave”. Well after about three weeks of contemplation, I’m writing you to say, I’m on board!! I’ve decided to go all in and follow Fit with Fave for the next 30 weeks and challenge myself to complete all 30 challenges (Yikes!). I’m not looking for instant weight loss – to suddenly find myself four weeks from now back to my wedding weight…hello not realistic! I’m here to make small steady changes that hopefully stick and lead me (and hub) to a healthier lifestyle. I’m finally realizing it’s not about my waistline as much as it’s about how I feel every day – how much energy I have and how much I have to give to my family. I want to be around for a long time, raise healthy children, and encourage my husband to be healthy with me…ya know the whole “let’s grow old together” thing. So I want to say thank you for inspiring me to make small consistent changes and I’m really excited about what the next 30 weeks have in store! Sorry for the life story 😉

    • karyn April 22, 2013 at 7:32 pm

      Yay! I have to go bathe a baby, but just wanted to say Yay!! Oh I’m so glad, lovely! Welcome aboard. 🙂 We’re foodies too – have no fear. We shall leave you with good good food stuffs. Huge hugs!

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