I’m fairly certain that the following is common knowledge, but just in case you haven’t checked your email in the last several years or have just returned to blog reading after a stint on a reality television show or an island somewhere, I’ll make sure it’s perfectly clear: I am the biggest cheeseball on the face of the planet.

I’ve tried at different phases of my life to act somehow less ridiculously cheesy than I natural am, but despite valiant efforts at the ages of 14 and 22, the cheese eventually finds its way to the surface. I am a total cheese fest. I like horrible movies. I am routinely moved to tears by YouTube videos starring animals and small children (Christian the Lion?!? Please. I’m welling up just typing about it). I can find the bright side of a nuclear war and I genuinely believe with every sparkly fiber of my cheesy being that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. I can’t help but clap my hands when asked if I believe in fairies. I’m practically carved out of cheddar.

Which means, sometimes, when I’m feeling a little off or a little headache-y or a little blue, it requires the cheesiest of something to cheer me up. Today, it was country singer Jessica Andrews. Jessica had, like, one hit song ever, and on the cheesy meter, it’s a total chart topper. But the best thing about this song is that I can change the lyrics so that they directly apply to MY life! Oh joy of cheesy cheesy joys!

So this afternoon found me in my car, in the rain, driving down the highway and singing at the top of my lungs:

I am GENEVIEVE’s grandaughter
the spittin’ image of my MOTHER
and when the day is done
my DADDY’s still my biggest fan…

… like the complete fool that I am. I got all choked up and everything. It was pathetic and beautiful.

All of which to say…Thank God we were given spirits that delight in ridiculous things. Thank God that we all have our silly, tiny moments of cheesy joy. Thank God that we can laugh at our lame little selves and have a good cry when we need one over nothing more than a deer smelling a cat on a computer screen. And thanks, God, for delighting in ridiculous us.