What I’m laughing about today: the Tall Girl Triple Glance (TGTG), as presented to me by, oh, half of Portland on my walk home this afternoon. I would like to point out that I was only wearing 1″ heels, which shouldn’t even count. I mean, come on.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the TGTG goes like this:

1) General glance, with a quick look at my face… the height registers.
2) Quick, shameless glance at my shoes to check for some sort of platform… perhaps I’m standing on a box? Nope.
3) Back up to my face, this time with a clearly searching expression that is so very honestly, albeit not very subtly, trying to decide whether or not I’m really a girl. Thankfully, I usually get a smile if I catch them at this point.

Hilarious. I’m not sure why some days are TGTG days… usually, I’m at least wearing a serious heel and topping out at about 6’3″…. but today, today I was just little old me, and TGTG they did. Good thing I’m not shy.

Thank you to the man on the bench who actually said to his dog: “Look, honey, that girl is so tall… isn’t she lovely?” You, sir, are my hero of the day. And no, I don’t play basketball.


  • Chancy May 15, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    >I love it. I do get those glances from time to time, but funnily enough I don’t notice them frequently even though I’m sure they occur frequently. I’m 6’1″ without any heels. I do get people who just straight out say “wow, you’re so tall”. The other day in the elevator at the doctor’s office a man said that to me. My reply, “Yes, I am.” His reply, “That’s great. Awesome.” Kinda made my day to have someone actually appreciate it and not just have it be a freak show. 😉