You know those girls?

I see them all the time, especially in Portland. They’re the ones who always, always look like they just sprang forth from the pages of an Anthropologie catalogue, like they must be hounded by street style photogs 24/7, like their hair is always cooperative and they have access to some sort of secret shoe source that is ridiculously, consistently toDIEfor?

Yup. Those girls.  Don’t you just want to follow them around and learn all their secrets?  Maybe that’s just me.

I’ve  had the privelage of getting to know (at least a little) the lovely spirits that often inhabit the annoyingly chic packages that are those girls, and am pleased to point you in the direction of a brand new blog by an inspired and adorable gal whom I would love, love, love, to grow up to dress like someday:

Meet the ModAntiquarian.

Man, I love it when people share their extraordinary good taste on the internet.


  • Amber Christopher April 11, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Karyn, you are the sweetest. Thank you! I’m humbled.