Kindred Montauk Review - Girl of Cardigan

Listen – I have a lot of feelings.  When you write to me that you welled up or dropped a few tears on your sleeping baby while reading a post, I can GUARANTEE you that I’ve nearly short-circuited a keyboard somewhere writing it.  A breeze, an open door, a package in the mail, a texture – all triggers for those massive feelings lurking just under the surface of my skin, waiting to get inspired and leak their way out in tears and words and wild trains of thought.

This is a wrap review, obviously, if you couldn’t tell yet.

Dear Beautiful Girl - Girl of Cardigan

I got a bit over-excited when I first heard about Kindred Wrap.  The idea of a wrap company born in the PNW and Hawaii struck a deeply romantic chord in me – there’s something so peculiar about that combination, and something so obvious, and something so deep in me that pulls always toward the sea that divides us.  I could lose myself for hours thinking of ways we are different, and the so many ways we are the same (thanks, Daniel Tiger), and of wraps dreamed up across all of that ocean space.  See?  Those feelings.  They’re just right there all the time.  You’d be tired, too.

Kindred Montauk is a beauty of a wrap with a name that ties it to yet another coastline.  It arrived here wrapped up like a birthday gift, winning oooohs and ahhs from a delighted Foof, who has been well trained to fully appreciate the delivery of beautiful textiles.

“A wraaa-ap!” she cooed, “Wif polka dots!!!”  That’s my girl.

My Caramel sample was so soft out of the box that I assumed it would never be supportive enough for my toddler cargo, as though motherhood hasn’t taught me a thousand times that strength and softness are at their best when paired.  It’s the deep sugared honey of sea-soaked sands, a color that marries the foam of Seattle lattes to salt spray and pineapple skins, the crusts of bread baking and the weathered wood walls of a Montauk lighthouse.  This is a color as at home bikini-clad on the beach as it is paired with sharp black skinnies for a trip downtown.  It is urban and rustic and magical and downright yummy.

It’s a world of yes.

Kindred Montauk Review - Girl of Cardigan


We spent two weeks on a Kindred honeymoon, wrapped up in Montauk (45% Tencel, 55% Cotton) for long walks and toddler nap battles.  Soft, dry, not too thick, it wraps easily, and I would happily suggest this wrap to a new wearer.  With careful tightening in a multi-pass carry, it held up against our toddler trials with impressive fortitude – comfortable, locked, and shockingly supportive for its density.  I’m a girl who likes a thick, hefty wrap, so Montauk was on the thin side for me, and I will be the first to admit I underestimated its ability to perform.  I stand corrected.  I repent.  I repeated the phrase “I gotta tell ya, I really think I’m coming around to this whole Tencel thing” enough times to annoy my husband.

Kindred Montauk Review - Girl of Cardigan

And everywhere we went, someone called out to tell us how dang adorable/chic/fabulous/OMG THE COLOR it was.  Every time.

Seriously.  Lattes and beaches and worn wood…oh my.

Kindred Montauk Review - Girl of Cardigan

Yes to the tri-coastal magic of Kindred Montauk.

Yes to the random polka dot placement that had us fascinated and saved my perfectionist soul from having to align them perfectly on my chest pass.

Yes to Tencel – I thought I’d never say it, but there it is.

Yes to colors that are flattering and versatile and just plain delicious looking.

Yes to all things that are as soft as they are strong.

Yes to palm trees and ferry rides and everything in between.

Yes to kin and kindred, to the oceans that separate and tie us, to the beautiful ways we are tied to each other.

And a huge yes to Kindred Wrap, who have come into the wrap scene with some very impressive offerings and completely exceeded the expectations of this toddler-wearing family.

Kindred Montauk Review - Girl of Cardigan

Girl of Cardigan

The thoughts here are my own, and though the folks at Kindred loaned me a sample for this review, I was not compensated for my opinions.  I like beautiful wraps, and am always happy to introduce them to you.  
  • Nelle Monaco July 24, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    thank you so much for this! i just ordered this same one and can’t wait! big purchase- i hope i love it just as much as you did! i am sooo excited.