Most of my favorite days begin with an abrupt change of plans.

Which is exactly how Favorite and I began our day yesterday (well, after the morning trip to the dog park and the purchase of the first iced latte of the season).  We were on our way to church when I made a casual comment about how the day was so beautiful it made me want to drop everything and head to the coast.  Favorite made a U-turn (legally, honest), and two hours later we were in Astoria.  I love that man.

Evidence of our adventure:

Rule 1 when visiting Astoria, Oregon: Walk up to the Goonies house and take a picture looking as dorky as you can manage.Rule 2: Climb the Astoria Column.  It’s a bit of a climb, sure, but man……the view!Gorgeous.

This is my new favorite Favorite picture.

We also went the the Crab and Seafood Festival, but failed to take pictures.  It wasn’t that exciting, anyhow.  Shockingly little crab or seafood.
In other Portland news, we’ve seen the sun now, so we know it exists, and Spring is threatening to come on full force any moment now
I’m pretty annoyed by those powerlines, btw.
If you live here, you should probably hang out at toocoolforschool Rontom’s, where there is no sign to let you know where the door might be, but there is the coolest patio basically ever.  And a pretty phenomenal French Dip for $4 during happy hour.  Just saying.
Favorite and I go rollerskating fairly often, for grown-ups.  If you haven’t gone in years and years, I double dog dare you to do it soon.  It’s fun!

I hope your spring days are full of unexpected, spontaneous detours from responsible adult life… I hope you take to the highway with someone you love, roll down the windows, and soak up the sun.