Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan

Mom Jeans is a collection of thoughts on personal style from mothers of young children all around the world. Some are fashionistas, some would call themselves the furthest thing from fashionable – all of them are wildly beautiful, and all of them inspire me. Enjoy!

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style - Girl of Cardigan

I’m Marie Nohr.  I’m married with one son. He is 1 1/2 years old.   We live in Santa Maria, CA.   I just started my own company back in February of this year.  So I am a full time entrepreneur and full time stay at home mom.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


My style is modest and comfortable without sacrificing trends. I also love thrift stores and DIY outfits. I love hi-lows and always have, even before it became popular.  There are a lot of farmers out here and not a lot of great shopping. If I want to shop I have to go to LA or the closer cities of Solvang or San Luis Obispo. Or shop online. I visit Canada because I have family out there.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


Since becoming a mom, my biggest challenge maintaining my style was the fact that I donated ALL my small clothing, because I thought after gaining over 65 pounds that I was NEVER going to fit into my favorite jeans. Then my husband got promoted and we relocated, and we now only have one car I walk everywhere with my son.  I am back to my college weight. GO ME! The other challenge is wearing something my son can’t pull on and cause me to flash anyone. Cowl necks are a no-no as I have to bend down a lot.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


My favorite go to 1st are always the clearance racks when shopping. Then I scope out the other deals. My Favorites stores are Kohls and Papaya. I avoid stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal- but I can’t lie but I do have a few pieces from there. I recently purchased a cute owl lace shirt from Papaya that I absolutely love. My favorite current favorite shoes are from Kolhs Clearance Candies brand blinged with colorful rhinestones. My favorite thrifts stores are one in Canada called Value Village and one here in Santa Maria, CA called New Image. My favorite thrift store find is a Ralph Lauren Dress that I found in Canada. I also love the black and white chiffon top that I altered to 3/4 sleeves. It was a thrift store find but had a big yellow stain on the sleeve. I constantly browse Pinterest and even though my wallet doesn’t allow me to shop them. Haha- maybe I will once my business takes off.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan
I also make a lot of my skirts and dresses. I recently started making them now for my Etsy shop– the aqua skirt above was hand made by me. (Editor’s Note: Marie also creates the nursing ponchos from the giveaway we did a while back, which I love.)

Hair style: I used to rock the one-sided bob but now I wear it long and in a pony tail that my son thinks is a rope. If I don’t put it up he pulls out a handful of hair. Ouch. I am working on getting him to stop that. But I did recently switch to natural hair products found on but discovered a store in Anaheim called Lush. I finally found a product that I can use to wash my hair every other day without having to wear a hat in between – the Shampoo Bar made from Juniper. They also have a minty conditioner also in the form of a soap bar. Their dry shampoo is AMAZING too. It is not a spray and helps keep oily hair at bay.

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Girl of Cardigan

  • Karyn March 12, 2014 at 11:26 am

    I love this fresh, pretty and relaxed style! I’ve never heard of Papaya. Will have to check it out along with the etsy store.