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8×10 art print, black ink on white matte cardstock.

“Home” is the second collaboration with graphic designer Jill Smyth.  It’s a perfect gift for someone just leaving or finding home, for a housewarming or a birth, or to acknowledge those moments where family, friendships, jobs, or hopes are changing shape.

“Home, my love, isn’t a place.  Home is a collaboration, an intimate collection of beating hearts and adventures and skin and brick and meals eaten and hands held.  Home will flex and change and narrow and grow – bits of it will chip away, arms that held you will become holy memories that you carry, walls that contained you will burn or fall or belong to someone else.  Words will become echoes, seedlings will root and grow and tower and fall, and home will still be a thing we are building, always, all of us together.

Home is a thing that travels, that you carry with you and tend and protect and nurture, a thing that in turn will tend and nurture and protect and carry you.  The ghosts and the laughter and the loss and the wonder – they are the building blocks.  The soil and water.  The bread and wine.”

Words by Karyn Thurston, graphic design by Jill Smyth.

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