Prayer Digital Download

Prayer Digital Download


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Printable digital download of “Prayer” print by Karyn Thurston, designed by Jill Smyth.


“I want to teach you to pray with your eyes open and your hands full of the soft down of chicken underbellies, to pray with the drumbeat of rainfall on your shoulders.  I want to teach you to pray with your heart splayed wide-broken, with the ugliest and most noble hopes of your body, with the deepest secrets of your wild and growing soul.  I want to open you to a maker whose love letter to you is the precious mathematics of snail shell spirals, who is in the echoes you’ll sound off mountains and the quietest whispers of your heart.  I want to teach you, but without question, you are the one teaching me.”

Words by Karyn Thurston, design by Jill Smyth.

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