Happy New Year, friends.

More specifically, happy four days into the new year.  Let me guess: that resolution you made?  The big one, the one with the grand hopes attached to it, the one you’ve been saving up until the magical first day of January, the one you took one tiny step into that was going to change your life in big, big, BIG ways?

You already blew it, didn’t you?

Yeah, that’s okay.  Me too.

So let’s make a pact, you and I.  Let’s resolve to make better resolutions this year.  The kind that don’t have to begin on a magical day, but can be thrust into action on any mundane Monday or same old Saturday.  The kind that aren’t so grand and sweeping that wiggling out of them is akin to not turning into a swan – basically inevitable, in almost all circumstances.  The kind that we can achieve, that are healthy and happy and oh so very possible that we end this year thinking “Dag, yo.  2012 was the year of tiny victories!”

Here are the rules for crafting our new resolutions, of which there will be many:

1. Make them specific.  No “Eat healthy” or “Be kind” or “Lose Weight” or “Exercise more” allowed.  Instead, we aim to “Eat a salad for lunch three times a week” or “Do one nice thing for my husband every day,” “Sign up for Weight Watchers” or “Get on the treadmill on Thursday mornings.”  No vagueness – clearer goals are much easier to reach.

2. Make them often.  We won’t quit the first time we eat a donut or get angry with our spouse and resolve to try again next year.  Our resolutions can be made again, and again, and again as often as we’re able to fail until we get it right.  When we fail, we will allow ourselves grace, but we will also remember that we can begin again right that instant.  No waiting for Monday or the next morning.  Each minute is a do over.  We will take them.

3. Make them for good.  We shall not evaluate the worth of our resolutions by the size of our jeans or the heft of our wallets, but instead by the health of our bodies, the growth of our souls, and the furthering of our agenda of love.

Let’s resolve to make better resolutions.  To celebrate every day as the beginning of a whole new year.  To remember that anything, anything is possible.

Are you with me?


  • Samantha February 1, 2014 at 3:56 am

    I’m with you!! My resolution for today is to have more patience and understanding in stressful situations that come up when you live with someone! E.G. My significant other and I split the bills 50/50… everything equal, so how do we decide what’s equal of household chore responsibility? I do most of the “typical housework”, because I stay home with the baby and he does the “guy stuff” like taking the trash bin down to the curb and shoveling snow but sometimes I feel as if it’s not fair that I do everything at home and he doesn’t because he goes to work every day, but I still pay half of the bills. The thing is, I don’t actually mind cleaning. I actually like it and, really, what else would I do all day when I’m not bouncing and loving on the baby, so why shouldn’t I do it?

    I’m a walking feminist contradiction!! haha! I won’t let him pay more of the bills because “I can support myself, dang it!” and yet, I still do all the housework because “that’s what a good woman does, she keeps a clean house!”

    See, we CAN have it all!! Just remember to breathe and relax once and a while!! 🙂