First of all, my apologies – I wish these photos were better, but it’s a dang tiny room, dang it, and it’s dark here all of a sudden (where were you on all those sunny days, Karyn?  Not taking nursery pictures, that’s for sure.)  Anyhow, wannaseeit hereyago:

Is anything better than an heirloom quilt?

Things you should know about me, decorating wise: I don’t do themes.  I don’t do color schemes.  I don’t do perfect.  I like lived in and mismatched and homey.  We worked with a very (very) loose forest theme, which obviously got a little circus and vintage mixed in along the way.

The dresser is Ikea, the glider is the one that was on sale at Target – those flags over the window were made by my mother for our wedding.  She also altered the Ikea curtains (added trim, shortened) because sewing gives me hives.  All of the prints are Etsy finds, most via Pinterest.

I used this tutorial to make the felt flowers, and the letters are just good old Joann’s cardboard with metallic spray paint.  Hannah made that little tree for Christmas, I think, but it worked well here.

This art piece has a good story: I bought half a yard of that star fabric in San Francisco about 12 years ago and saved it to use in a nursery some day.  I wanted to tie Fave in too, and since he had a Little Prince poster up when we first started dating, I pulled a quote from the book and used vinyl letter stickers as templates to paint it on.  The fabric is just stretched over a piece of posterboard.  I actually think it’s one of those folding presentation boards you use for science fairs, if I remember correctly.

Some of the animals are new, some are mine, some are Fave’s.  Katelyn and Mikey brought Fable her first pair of ears from Disneyland when they were there in October, which was sweet of them.

That’s the nursery!  I kept the walls neutral so we can change things up once we find out what kind of kid she is, but the ceiling is a nice sea glass blue.  There’s also a white fuzzy rug on the floor that didn’t make it into the super squishy shot.


  • judy davis January 26, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    It’s wonderful. Themed nurseries are so boring. This is wonderfully creative and brings a bit of each parent, along with old and new. Great job!