Lovely friends-

I hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend.  Fave and I are catching a Flick on the Bricks, working in the garden, and taking in some Shakespeare in the Park… I heart summer.

Some link love to carry you through –

I think these blocks would be an incredibly cool baby shower gift.  Since everyone, everyone, everyone is pregnant all of a sudden. (Not me.  Stop it.)

I’ll confess that I sorta like “friends with benefits” movies, but this article offers some much needed perspective.

More fun things to make for kids.  And a good way to use broken crayons. (I was that kid that refused to color with a crayon once it was broken.  Figures.)

I want to send everyone a telegram.

The boots, the socks, the dress, the eyeliner… love this girl’s look.  Love it.

Going to the beach would be way more fun if we still dressed like this.

May your weekend be full of happy moments, deep conversations, multitudes of stars, just the right amount of sun, and the overwhelming knowledge that you’ve been hugely blessed.


Photo by the incomparable Shannon Hannon.  Is she amazing, or what?