Beautiful friends-

Any exciting plans for the weekend? ¬†Favorite and I are sleeping on the pavement tonight downtown… it’s the annual Grand Floral Parade campout in PDX! ¬†I’ll take lots of pictures so you can be witness to our foolishness.

Here are some fun things for your weekend viewing (Joanna at A Cup of Joe always does weekend link lists, and I adore them)

Amazing recycling is my favorite.

Avocado Popsicles!

This girl is the reason I’m wearing more color. Adorable!

Tasty appetizers for your next party

How to shop Goodwill like a pro. Or a high schooler. Either way.

Ah, maps. I just heart you.

Crafty friends with daughters: You will love this blog.

My favorite Etsy store of the week for their gorgeous vintage home goods.

And what would a weekend be without a photo by the incomparable Shannon Hannon?

I hope your weekend is full of good friends, laughter, happy surprises, and rest.