Folks, would you like to know the charming discovery I’ve made about myself this week?

Ready?  Here goes –

I’m a seriously creative, gifted, inspired complainer.

No, seriously, I have a gift.

Because all week long I’ve been shuffling around feeling busy, and whining about feeling busy and stressed and having too many things to do, and do you know what my week has been busy with?


And this:

And this:

And this:

And a lot, but never enough, of this:

Let me tell you, friends, it takes a stubborn, determined complainer to find room for gripe in all this wonderful that is the day to day around here.  Please pray for my heart, and please remind me, always, that I’m busy, sure, but I’m exactly the kind of busy I want to be.  That really, underneath the headache or sore back or sleeplessness, I’m loving every minute of this crazy, artistic, worshipful, blessed and awesome life.  Remind me that I can’t justify anything but relentless, abundant, unspeakable gratitude.  Because I need to be reminded.  Don’t worry.  I’ll remind you too.