Oh hi, friends.

I’m Karyn, a thirty-something writer, artist, lyricist, mama, wanderer, lover, and questioner with a hopeful, cheesy little soul.  This is a blog about our little life – about celebrating small things like good wool and the changing of leaves, and big things like the whirlwind that is parenting and the mysteriously wonderful search for our wild and awesome maker.  It is not a blog about politics, or the right way to parent, or what’s wrong with pop culture.  It is not a blog about how our life is perfect – believe me, the minivan-sized stack of laundry in the basement, bored-to-tears canine asleep at my feet, and horrific state of my kitchen would immediately disqualify me from preaching perfection in any credible way.  This is not a blog about how you should live.

It is a blog about how we are living, how all of us are living into our tiny miraculous stories, with all their messes and imperfections and wonders and grace.  I hope you find a bit of yourself here.  I hope you’ll share it with me.




Oh, and about the name:

Sounds sort of fancy, right, Girl of Cardigan?  Like “She of the cardigans, lady of the valley, mistress of the night…”  Yeah.  Well.

Girl of Cardigan is honestly just a bad pun.  The cardigan sweater (you’re familiar) was named after James Brundenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan (it’s true, I read it on Wikipedia).  I’m a fan of his work – I own an embarrassment of cardigans.  My sense of humor is such that it occurred to me “Hey, earl rhymes with girl…” and I thought I was hysterical.  Blame my father, if you must.

Anyhow, here we are.

photo by the incomparable Shannon Hannon Photography.