Today’s cheap thrill is $3.95 at the grocery store.  Hooray!

Instead of being a person who craves salt, or a person who craves sugar, I am a person who craves salt and sugar, usually in combination.  Which is lovely for the manufacturers of salty and sugary products, and terrible for any healthy eating plans I come up with.  However, I make an effort to make decent, or at least semi-decent, salty and sugary selections.

I often get hung up on chips.  Do you know how hard it is to find a tortilla chip that is good for you?  I mean, potato chips, non-issue- the baked ones taste better anyway.  But tortilla chips are basically one big fat greasy unsolvable issue for me.  Enter Kettle Chips Tias! (that exclamation point is part of their branding, although it is also an accurate representation of my mood).

Now, they aren’t really good for you.  Don’t get all excited.  But they are made from organic corn, and all of the ingredients that make up the todiefor Chile con Queso flavoring are words I recognize and can pronounce.   They are about as good for you as a deep fried (in “the finest oils,” so saith the website) flavored chip can be.  And OMG are they ever tasty.  Eat-the-whole-bag-in-one-sitting-if-you-aren’t-careful-and/or-supervised tasty.   They kick Doritos in the pants.  Hard.  By being less radioactive and significantly tastier.

Do these chips.  With guac if you’re feeling especially indulgent.  And probably chocolate.  Then go for a run or something. 😉


  • thatoneguy April 21, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I recently mowed through a bag of the “salsa picante” flavor. I thought they were ok (and more like $2.50), but now I have it in my head that “chili con queso” might be better…