I love being Pollyanna. It’s a strange thing to be prideful about, sure, but I am. I love being able to identify myself as the most optimistic person you know, the one who can see the good, accentuate the positive, bring in da noise and da funk. I even somewhat enjoy the downsides, like the shameful smiling I did at the nice-smelling, well-dressed man on the corner of 20th and Burnside until Dan and Mel gently informed me that he was the neighborhood pimp. I’m used to my rosy-colored glasses, and they suit me fine.

The problem with becoming too proud (problems? with pride? never. 😉 ) of being Pollyanna is how difficult it is to ‘fess up to the bad days. When you are saddled with sunshine as your very identity, the idea of being sad for an hour or two can rock you to your core and make you doubt yourself. As for me, I’m terrible at not being “ok.” Better than ok, really: I’m terrible at not being awesome. I want to be awesome all of the time. I want to be the person doing, not needing, the cheering. I want to be the helper, not the helpee.

But sometimes I’m just tired. Sometimes I just want someone braver than me, and stronger than me, and smarter than me, and more hopeful and wiser and bigger than me to pick me up and remind me, assure me, that everything is going to be amazing. Sometimes grace feels heavy – forgiveness I can’t ever earn, a debt I can never repay. I wish I didn’t struggle with that. I wish I could take God at His word and look Him in the eye and say thank you instead of getting caught up in my own failure. How do you wish you were better at not wishing you were better? Sometimes I just want to sit up all night and talk to someone, anyone, who will speak to me like they’re sure about something.

I wish I wasn’t so aware that I have nothing worth complaining about in my life, just so I could complain and feel justified. Sometimes it sucks to be level-headed. There. That made me feel better. 🙂

I’m blessed. And I’m loved. And my God is mighty to save. And tonight I’m just tired… and joy will come in the morning.

  • thatoneguy June 11, 2009 at 10:54 am

    >Being awesome all of the time sounds like an awful lot of work for one person. Sounds like a lot of pressure, too. Just remember that you don't have to bear it all alone.

  • Shannon June 12, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    >Karyn, you are one awesome lady, even if you're feeling less than awesome. I love being around your positive energy all the time and am sure you have a fan club here in portland :)-no matter how optimistic we are, it's good to have those downer days every once in a while. It makes the joy that comes with the morning that much more delightful.you are lovely 🙂