In a word, yes.

Yes, I found this book to be a bit disturbing, a bit impossible to put down, and a bit of a tearjerker.  Yes, I found Rosamund Lupton’s spot-on observations about the relationship between sisters jarring at times, humorous at others, convicting at her finest moments.  Yes, I think you should go out and get this book, as it would make a fabulous late summer read.

Sister is Beatrice’s story, told in her increasingly wavering voice as she recounts the events that have unfolded in the few months since her younger sister, Tess, was found dead in a London park.  Though the police, Tess’ friends, and the rest of Beatrice’s family all seem convinced that Tess committed suicide, Beatrice refuses to accept what she believes to be an impossible contradiction – Tess’ joie de vivre and the accusation that she ended her own life.  Sister is a winding path through Beatrice’s memory, full of twists and turns, moments of extreme sadness and subtle victory, and an overwhelmingly accurate look at the complicated-but-powerful love between sisters.

I read this book in a a sitting and a half, and summer is simply made for page turners and afternoon breezes and glasses of lemonade.  Go get this dark and lovely book and read it while the sun is still shining.


  • Emelina August 22, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Have you read Home (sequel to the absolute literary stunner, Gilead)? It’s an incredible look at the relationships between siblings.