Guys guys guys guys guys!  Fall is coming!

If you’ve been with us here at GOC for any length of time, you know the loudly spoken understanding around here is autumn is the best, by far very best, part of the year.  We sing and breathe and live and adore autumn.  We snuggle, we cozy, we sip, we sigh, we take deep breaths of crisp air and crackle fallen leaves and cook delicious things that smell of pumpkins and wear our wooly socks again and just generally celebrate, because, man, FALL!  Magical.

Autumn also ushers in the return of knitting season (could it get any better?!?!).  Honestly, knitting season never really ends around here, but it does start to feel more appropriate to cover one’s lap in sweater wool once the temperatures begin to dip.  In celebration, may I present to you a little linky list of some of the wonderful things on my to-knit list this lovely, lovely fall:

What could be better than tiny mukluks?

Quick, simple slippers to stuff in stockings and cozy up toes.

Geometric scarves are the perfect pop on a drab winter day.

The most perfect whimsical coat for my tiniest love.

Dapper sweaters for all the baby boys that seem to be arriving lately.

Simple but lovely playmat for autumn park sits.

Preparing for winter with the most playful of all ski hats.

Adorable.  Just adorable.

A new everyday hat for me?  Maybe, just maybe…

This cardigan has been on my list for ages – maybe this is the year.


What lovely things are you dreaming of as fall rolls in?


photo by the incomparable Shannon Hannon Photography

  • Jen November 9, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    I too, love fall! It is such a great time of year! I crochet rather than knit, but plan to learn someday, hopefully sooner than later. One of the many things I love is getting cozy under a warm blanket and a ball of yarn with my current project. Something hot to sip on, a candle or two lit, and a blustery day is icing on the cake!
    I’m so glad I found your blog!
    I hope you are able to tackle your list, mine is never ending. There’s always new ideas I want to try! 🙂
    Happy knitting! 🙂