It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Sorry.  That was uncalled for.

A few odds and ends for you for the weekend.  First, here are photo of my latest successful outfit remix.  I call it the “Something Borrowed, Something New” outfit, because both the sweater and the earrings were lent out to others for quite some time and recently returned, which makes them feel like new!  The shirt is actually a dress from Forever 21 (don’t tell Favorite.  I’m not always the best at ethical shopping).  I find it sort of hilarious that it qualifies as a dress in some minds.  Oy.   Anyhow, it used to have weird ties at the waist, but I chopped them off and added a belt and the prodigal sweater and earrings – and hooray!

The lovely Shannon Hannon delivered some fabulous pictures to me this week from our knitty photo shoot, and among them was this gem, which might be my new favorite photo:

Man, I love that dog.

In other news, Favorite and I have started the P90X program… ugh.  Well, technically, Favorite is doing P90x and I’m doing something like P90M or P90Xminus… a version where you sometimes only do half the workout cause your arms get tired or you have other stuff to do or you don’t really want to look like Tony anyway.  Anybody been there?  There’s a lot of hurting going on in this house.

Beautiful things to look at here, here, and here.

I hope your weekend involves camping or sailing or BBQing or at least sunshine, for crying out loud.

Fun fun fun fun.