Happy Memorial Day!  I’m thinking about all of you who have lost loved ones in the defense of our country today.  I hope this day brings blessings your direction.

I wanted to share with you the book I just finished reading.  It’s a book that was born of a blog, and one that has been getting a decent amount of buzz lately.  In her early 20s, Brianna Karp found herself laid off from a job she loved, and as she was unable to return home to live with her abusive parents, homeless.  I think her story is an important one, primarily because she’s so very different from the stereotypical identity we like to slap onto every homeless face.

 And yes, Bri has some excellent resources in her corner that other homeless folks don’t, and yes, she does make some choices that the more logically-minded will scoff at (flying to Scotland in the name of love, for example), but I can’t help but admire her guts and moxy, not to mention talent- talk about making lemonade out of life’s lemons.  Worth reading for the writing alone, but also for the sparks of thoughts and perspectives that will start bouncing around in your head.  I love, love, love that in a book.  You can purchase it online (the book image will link you to Powell’s) or let me know you want to borrow it and I’ll send it your way.

In other news, we found a bunny yesterday.  She was hopping about in the road, doing a tragically terrible job of trying to pass as a wild rabbit.  I swooped her up:

Sadly, we are ill-equiped for rabbit housing, so off to the shelter she went.  The good news is, as the sweetest bunny I’ve ever met, I’m sure she’ll have no problem getting herself adopted.  She’s at the Multnomah Animal Shelter now if you want to take her home!