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Mom Jeans is a collection of thoughts on personal style from mothers of young children all around the world. Some are fashionistas, some would call themselves the furthest thing from fashionable – all of them are wildly beautiful, and all of them inspire me. Enjoy!

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style - Girl of Cardigan

I’m Amber Christopher. I am a blogger at With Love, a personal lifestyle blog that covers design, fashion, beauty, food, and motherhood—all for the sake of inspiring women and fostering that village we all need. I grew up in the northwest, on a beautiful island in the puget sound, and have lived in Portland, Oregon for the past decade. I love Portland so much, I really can’t imagine living anywhere else. Though I do miss being a five minute walk to the ocean. I’m a mama of one charming, completely delicious little girl. Eleanor turned two this past February. Her personality is infectious and so fun, and reminds my husband and me to enjoy the present. She’s passionate and, consequently, stubborn- I don’t know where on earth she gets that from.  She has a huge heart and is so tremendously nurturing and loving. We call her our “little mama.” She is magnetic. My husband, Daniel, is every bit my better other half. He is far less selfish than me, and definitely the more patient and grounded one. He keeps me sane. And he’s like the best father. He gets her, and she is crazy about him. Seriously, I lucked out. I have been able to stay at home with Eleanor her whole life thus far. This will probably be changing in the not-too-distant future, which is very bittersweet for me!

Mom Jeans: Notes from Amber - Girl of Cardigan


My style is a mish-mash of colorful and neutral, new and vintage. Feminine, but more and more minimal and streamlined as I’ve gotten older and become a mom. It’s stylish, but it’s also comfortable and easy, and with pockets. I like unique things. Pieces that look and feel special, and different from anything else out there. I don’t give too much to trends, but rather have always loved timeless pieces that I can keep and wear year after year.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Amber - Girl of Cardigan


When Eleanor was first born maybe it was harder to adjust my wardrobe to my new life (aka, endless nursing), but slowly I grew into my new life and figured out a way to adapt my wardrobe without compromising my style. I think everyone’s style evolves as you get older. There is a natural editing process, not only because I am a mom, but more because I don’t have the room or time for things. My style is just not as fussy anymore, which I love!

Mom Jeans: Notes from Amber - Girl of Cardigan


1. I love Everlane for basics (quality without breaking the bank). They just added denim/ chambray shirts to their line which I couldn’t have been more excited about. Chambray and denim are my second skin.

2. Dresses and onesies. They are cute, comfortable, and incredibly low-maintenance. You just add shoes and you’re good to go. I am currently living in Ace&Jig’s onesies and dresses and, well, everything. I’m totally obsessed.Their pieces are an investment, but, to me, a worthwhile one. They are quality made, so comfortable, unique, and timeless—-all of which outweigh being able to buy clothes more frequently for me. Other than that I love vintage. As a mom, I obviously don’t have the time anymore to scour flea markets and vintage stores but, Etsy and Ebay solve that problem.

3. I’ve always loved makeup, but, like my wardrobe, it too has been pared down since Eleanor was born. For example, I still always wear mascara, but just not really the eyeliner anymore.

I only put mascara on the top lashes. I feel like it makes me look less tired. MAC’s In Extreme Dimension is the best I’ve found so far. It makes your eyelashes do all right things. I’m a lipstick girl too. MAC Ruby Woo  and NARS Heat Wave  are my favorites. On the rare occasion I want to go with something less bright, I have really been enjoying Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose.  It moisturizes, adds a little color, and feels so soft. I’ve become more obsessed with skincare too as I’ve gotten older. Some of my favorite products right now: Coconut oil for my face and body, the stuff is pure magic…for like everything. Skin, diaper rash, sore nipples, you name it. My Konjac facial sponge . I had my first encounter with this natural sponge a few months ago, and I couldn’t believe how smooth and soft it made my skin. It’s only $10, and I hear it stands up to the Clarisonic! Win! Aesop parsley seed cleansing masque– pair this with your konjac sponge and your skin will be as soft as a newborns.

4. OLO scents are so lovely. They are locally made and the scents remind me so much of Portland.

5. As far as shoes go, clogs (No.6, Hasbeens, many of which I find marked down either on ebay or amazon) Saltwaters, or booties (Hasbeens, Frye, Dieppa Restrepo, again, on deep sale or ebay usually) are always on my feet.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Amber - Girl of Cardigan

For more of Amber’s impeccable style and the adventures of the fantastic Eleanor, visit her at

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