Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan

Mom Jeans is a collection of thoughts on personal style from mothers of young children all around the world. Some are fashionistas, some would call themselves the furthest thing from fashionable – all of them are wildly beautiful, and all of them inspire me. Enjoy!

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style - Girl of Cardigan

Destiny Ray Rexius Morris.  I have been a wife to Avery for 4.5 years and a mom to Easton for 8 months…we also have a cat named Rufus but I am not too fond of her. Avery and Easton like her so I am outnumbered.  When Easton naps I make jewelry in my garage and when he wakes up, I take him around to the several boutiques I sell to here in Portland, OR…he makes a good salesman. I also sell on Etsy.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


I would say my style is pretty casual…I usually am wearing some sort of stripes or flannel and a big sweater….or when I am feeling real crazy all three of them.

But if we are really being honest with each other, I am usually in cozy pants(or leisures if you will). I have a rule that if I am home for longer than an hour I can’t wear real pants.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


Since becoming a mom, the biggest challenge to keeping up my personal style is SHOWERS…or lack there of.

I have straight across bangs, and they can be high maintenance so there are a lot of days where I don’t get to wash my hair….but I have found loop holes to fix that. Those loop holes are beanies and headbands.

Also, there are times where I would love to wear a dress, but then it gets dicey trying to feed Easton whilst wearing one.

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan


HEADBANDS and beanies…I just buy jersey knit material and make my own. and there are great inexpensive beanies at H&M and Target.

Converse Chuck Taylors

Outfit Recipe: black jeans(Old Navy Rockstar jeans), flannel(H&M), a big cardigan (Modcloth), beanie (Target), and tennis shoes(Converse)….this is the outfit I am wearing in the pictures.

Quick Makeup: Maybelline Cover Stick, Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick in Pink Blossom, and Nars blush(the color is called Orgasm – word on the street is that the shade looks good on many people.)

Post earrings. I don’t feel ready for the day unless I have earrings on. It even trumps brushing my teeth…gross.


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Girl of Cardigan

  • Reply MrsD February 6, 2014 at 8:13 am

    I can relate! I think you look super cute Destiny! Your Etsy shop is very nice and has a simple, relaxed, yet classy feel.

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