Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan

Mom Jeans is a collection of thoughts on personal style from mothers of young children all around the world. Some are fashionistas, some would call themselves the furthest thing from fashionable – all of them are wildly beautiful, and all of them inspire me. Enjoy!

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style - Girl of Cardigan

My name is Kate Wilson. I am married to Brent and we live, with our daughter Eden, in a tiny town in Kentucky that is known only for our restaurants and antique malls. Which are both fabulous. I am a full-time wife and mom, and we keep very busy with our church where my husband serves on staff full time loving on the students.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Kate - Girl of Cardigan


I would define my personal style as Southern Casual. I like to be comfortable – especially as I chase our little 8 month mover around every where we go. I would also monogram anything if it would sit still long enough. The more comfortable I can be the better – then I just throw on a string of pearls and we are off.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Kate - Girl of Cardigan


Since having Eden it has been a challenge to maintain my personal style while considering that everything I wear has to be easy enough to feed her through out the day. I have also had to make sure that my entire out fit can be thrown in the washing machine at a moment’s notice when the spit up marathons take place.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Kate - Girl of Cardigan


I have found some great go-tos since Eden has been in our lives! One of my favorites is cardigans. And more cardigans. J.Crew has my favorite line of cardigans. They are comfortable, adorable, and well made so they last through the tugging and the pulling and the unfathomable amount of washing.

A little gem that I found a few months after having Eden are these fantastic Chubby Stick Shadow Tint from Clinique Eyes. They are a little pricy, but the time they save not having to use those tiny little brushes that spray eye shadow all in your eyebrows is well-worth it. They also last all day long. So by the time Brent comes home I at least know my eye make-up looks intact!

My go-to shoes for almost any outfit are Toms. They come in so many fun colors and styles, you can add them to most outfits and it brightens up these cold winter days!

I just don’t feel ready to face the day without [a cup of coffee] some dangle earrings from Ann Taylor Loft.   They are always a nice addition to the comfortable cardigan look. And they usually run some great sales on their earrings so it is easy to pick up a few pairs at a time.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Kate - Girl of Cardigan

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  • Becky @ bybmg April 24, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    Love this interview! I’m adding your blog to my RSS feed, Kate! You have cute style!