Notes on Personal Style from the Mommyhood - Girl of Cardigan

Mom Jeans is a collection of thoughts on personal style from mothers of young children all around the world. Some are fashionistas, some would call themselves the furthest thing from fashionable – all of them are wildly beautiful, and all of them inspire me. Enjoy!

Mom Jeans: Notes on Personal Style - Girl of Cardigan

Hello, my name is Lila. I’m an urban-girl-turned-mom-and-maker, living in the city of San Francisco. Here I raise my little guy, Grayson, and run my business, Lingering Daydreams. I play hockey, make quilts, and explore with my husband, who I met in college many years ago. On my blog I write about my life, my love, and my adventures in entertaining. My blog started as a way for me to be sure that I was living in the present, dreaming and doing instead of getting lost in what could be. It continues to be that today, growing and changing with me and my life.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Lila - Girl of Cardigan


My personal style is cozy/urban with a little hipster tossed in for good measure. It has been a fun road. I started out of college as an elementary school teacher and allowed what I thought teachers should wear to guide many of my purchases. Now that I have left the classroom, I have found the freedom to express myself in my style. So fun.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Lila - Girl of Cardigan


Biggest challenge in maintaining my style? Baby puke. And dirty hair. Gone are the days of “hand-wash only” and blow-dry-and-go. Cotton is my new best friend, easy to wash and wear, and sock buns are an absolute go-to for me. I love how they look, they keep my hair away from little fingers, and they are quick once you get the hang of them.

Mom Jeans: Notes from Lila - Girl of Cardigan


My must-haves include:

– Layers! I especially love button down plaid shirts and large open sweaters. I like my plaid shirts a little over-sized, so I often go for a slightly fitted, mens shirt like this one. And I am a sucker for a sweater. Batwing, short, long, I love them all. I am super into the aztec patterns that are everywhere now, so cute. Both items are great for nursing and make a basic cotton tee look like an outfit.

– Basic, comfortable t-shirts. Target is my spot for these. I literally wear them with everything. I even wore one with a gold sequin skirt once, no joke. You can dress them up with a cute skirt or dress them down with a pair of leggings and plaid shirt. They are soft on baby cheeks and easy to wash. Need I say more?

– Speaking of which, leggings. They are a staple. I love the ones from Lucy. Expensive, yes, but I found mine on Zulily for a steal. They don’t even flirt with being see-through and they have a little control-top action that is really nice to have in the weeks/months/years after giving birth.

– When I got pregnant, I started growing out my hair and my bangs. I had an idea for what was coming and wanted to be able to braid it or put it up out of the reach of little hands. Now, my favorite thing in the world is to simply twist, twist, twist, until is swirls into a bun atop my head. I use an hair band to secure it most days. If I am feeling fancy or want to feel a little more put together I use a sock bun roller like this one.

– I usually walk out of the house wearing Converse or boat shoes. Sperry’s are my favorite. Something I can slip on without too much trouble and still feel cute in.

– Great glasses and a good blush. I’ve always worn glasses, but now I appreciate them more than ever, it is like putting on eye make-up except easier. I love my wooden frames from Sire Crown, unique and beautiful. I have this blush in my bathroom and in my glove box. I find that on a tired day, a little blush makes me feel a little less tired looking.

 Mom Jeans: Notes from Lila - Girl of Cardigan


For more of Lila, who I will confess to having a massive girl crush on at the moment, please visit her blog at, and check out her adorable Etsy shop.  You can also find her on Pinterest and Instagram!  Thanks so much, Lila!

Girl of Cardigan


  • kate @ undeniable style August 18, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    love watching your sense of style develop — so fun working with you!

  • Kristin August 18, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Yippee, gorgeous friend! So happy to see you here. Blush + coffee = refreshed after 4am wake up call.

  • Bethany M. September 1, 2014 at 7:34 am

    I love this series! What a fun way to encourage people. I know that I, myself, have felt the need to focus a bit more on my own style. Thanks for the helpful tips!