Good Yarn - Girl of Cardigan

Pattern: None, but I was attempting to copy this beautiful shawl by BrooklynTweed… and then he went and wrote out the pattern.  Go figure.

Yarn: Rustic Tweed by Queensland Collection in Wedgewood Blue, purchased here while on a day trip with my lovely friend.

Thoughts: This yarn is ah-mazing – super squishy, and gah!  That color.  I’m such a sucker for grayish greeny blues…love.  The shawl itself was quick and painless and came out cute.  It’s also perfect to fasten with my vintage feather hat pin, which is rumored to have belonged to my great grand someone or other.  Happiness all around.

Photos by the incomparable Shannon Hannon.
  • Amber Christopher June 26, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous. So much so, I had to tweet about it 🙂