Printable 3-Pack

Printable 3-Pack


Printable digital download 3-pack includes high res PDF of Prayer, Home, and I Carried You prints by Karyn Thurston, designed by Jill Smyth.



Printable digital download 3-pack includes high res PDF of Prayer, Home, and I Carried You prints by Karyn Thurston, designed by Jill Smyth.


“I want to teach you to pray with your eyes open and your hands full of the soft down of chicken underbellies, to pray with the drumbeat of rainfall on your shoulders.  I want to teach you to pray with your heart splayed wide-broken, with the ugliest and most noble hopes of your body, with the deepest secrets of your wild and growing soul.  I want to open you to a maker whose love letter to you is the precious mathematics of snail shell spirals, who is in the echoes you’ll sound off mountains and the quietest whispers of your heart.  I want to teach you, but without question, you are the one teaching me.”


“Home, my love, isn’t a place.  Home is a collaboration, an intimate collection of beating hearts and adventures and skin and brick and meals eaten and hands held.  Home will flex and change and narrow and grow – bits of it will chip away, arms that held you will become holy memories that you carry, walls that contained you will burn or fall or belong to someone else.  Words will become echoes, seedlings will root and grow and tower and fall, and home will still be a thing we are building, always, all of us together.

Home is a thing that travels, that you carry with you and tend and protect and nurture, a thing that in turn will tend and nurture and protect and carry you.  The ghosts and the laughter and the loss and the wonder – they are the building blocks.  The soil and water.  The bread and wine.”

I Carried You:

“Some day, when my bones are weary with age and your arms are full of your own babies, or perhaps their babies, I will pull your wrinkling face to mine and whisper to you about how I carried you. Your fragile newborn self, your round-headed infant person, your laughing, squalling, joyful raging toddler limbs, your muscle and kicks and tears, your smooth-soled feet and your climbing fingers, the sweat of your curls on my back- I carried you. My whole heart and your whole being, wrapped to each other, I carried you. On the days we paced dismal in each other’s failure, the days we climbed mountains, the days that were only just days- I carried you. Like a memory, like my own body, like every precious wild and temporary thing, I carried you, like the weight of the holy, like the deep grounding center of joy.
Today, you are sweetly sleep-breathing between my shoulders, and someday I will remind you, every day, where you have come from, where you belong.
I have always carried you. I will carry you always.”

Words by Karyn Thurston, design by Jill Smyth.

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