I used to be scared of Hannah Glavor.  Not even kidding.  I used to watch her on stage with her cute little self, or see her featured in a YouTube video somewhere, and think “Damn, that girl is super talented and infinitely cool and probably doesn’t want to be my friend ever anyway.”

Here’s what you need to know: Hannah Glavor talks in ridiculously adorable silly voices.  She’s not above singing along with terrible music on the radio.  She writes a fabulous pick-you-up email and can knock your socks off with a profound observation out of the clearest blue.  She’s wickedly funny on Pinterest, can hang with the most sarcastic of boys clubs, and routinely conquers impressive craft projects.  She’s among the coolest chicks I’ve met, and I’m so very happy to call her my friend.

photo by Jared Birt

She’s also stunningly talented, and has a new album, O My Wandering Heart, that you CAN NOT MISS.  Seriously.  Do you like music?  Buy this album.  Do you like humans?  Buy this album.  Do you like oxygen?  Buy this album. (To do so, like her FB page – there’s a link below – and she’ll tell you how in the next few days)

She’s also fun to interview.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself:

Oh hey Hannah.

Oh hey Karyn.

GoC would like to interview you about your new album.  What say you?

I say yes, yes, okay.

First question is: What are people going to like about this, what is it, an EP?  An LP? 
Nevermind.  That’s my second question.  My first one is: what is the difference between an EP and an LP and an album?

1. An EP stands for extended play… meaning its longer than a single, but not as long as a full length.. or “Long Play”, “Standard Play” is basically the same as an LP, but it had to do with the difference in size and type of record, but now we don’t speak in terms of vinyl these days…unless you’re super cool like that. Even then, I don’t think those people know what it means. BUT BACK TO THE QUESTION: I think the sick beats and catchy tunes with a burst of hope? Its hard to say. I’m personally in love with the beats. Crazy props to my bro, Andrews Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon for making my girly tunes have an edge.

2. oh, I already answered that. Huzzah!

Good answers, Hannah.  Very educational. 
Three: What tasty snacks would you recommend to aspiring musicians?

Hmmm, I like most food, so that’s a difficult question. If any food was inspirational, it would be tater tots, but they tend to take more effort to make than I am willing to exert when “being artistic”… which normally consists of me forgetting to eat for most of the day because I’m so focused on music. Some kind of delicious tea (coconut chai) is typically at hand… and I’m going to stick with tater tots, even if it’s only in my dreams.

photo by Jared Birt

Perfect.  Four:  What do serious musicians think about Moulin Rouge?

I don’t know what I classify as, nor do I speak on behalf of other musicians… but that movie has a part of my heart and I will love it, come what may, until my dying day.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place!  Five: What makes you happy?

An iced glass of lemonade. The mountains. The forest. Sunshine. Snow. An amazing succession of songs. Evenings at Moon and Six. The Doug Fir. Movie nights with the fam. My Imago family. Finding sweet harmonies with friends.

Me too.  Six: What do you hope this album makes people feel?

In all I do, I hope my life reflects my creator. Music is just an extension and a means of expression of who I am; not with an agenda or a purpose to forcefully change, but rather a surrender and a bold faith thats genuinely expressed in all that I do. I typically write to inspire hope, restoration and redefined worth in myself, but it’s especially what I desire to instil in everyone. We were made for so much more than we realize.

photo by Jared Birt

Seven: How has God been good in this (album making) process?

I can’t take any credit for anything. I didn’t get me here. The talent, the money raised, the musicians, the support of friends, family and mentors. All I did was use the gifts and passions given to me and boldly step into the unknown in faith that I was doing something I was supposed to. It sounds simple in writing, but it was a terribly messy process with massive highs and lows. I have absolutely no idea where this will take me, but I’m a different person on the other end of the process of making this record, and I’m better for it. So to answer your question, yes and entirely.

Eight: What kind of puppy do you want in exchange for this interview?

I want a magic puppy. Potentially a falcor puppy.  JC is down with that.  As is Chunk.

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Here’s what you should do: Download a free song, Hannah’s gift to you, here.  Like Hannah on Facebook.  Go to her release party on February 5th.  Buy the album.  Give her big hugs.

Also, if you’d like to win a free copy of Hannah’s EP, comment how life or God has been good to you lately and we’ll send one lucky winner a copy for freezies.  Hannah Glavor is also generous.  Take that.

You’re a gift, Glavor.  I’m so grateful for you.



  • gabriella January 19, 2012 at 9:28 am

    God is being gracious to me with a few good friends 🙂

    PS Hannah- your musici is chill!

  • Tom Serface January 19, 2012 at 9:38 am

    I still like “Still” …

    With just a word I’m lost for words.

  • Liesl January 19, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    God has been good to me lately by providing me His wisdom through my friends and the ability to make it down to sweet, sunny So Cal instead of rainy, dreary PoPo this week. Huzzah!!

  • Bob Richardson January 21, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Some statistics say that visitors to a church know within the first five minutes whether or not they are in the right place. I knew in the first thirty seconds of stepping into the sanctuary at Imago Dei. Hannah started singing “Give Me Christ (or else I die)” and I knew I was exactly where Our Father would have me. I was so thankful then, and am even more so now. Thanks, and Shalom!

    • karyn January 23, 2012 at 4:09 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment! I couldn’t agree more when it comes to our Hannah. I’m super thankful for her too – God uses her to bless me all the time.

  • Dan Whittemore Art February 11, 2012 at 5:55 am

    You are the greatest Hannah… Love your music and your heart.. Que Dios te bendiga. Dan

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