Good Yarn - Girl of Cardigan

So, as there is a completely ridiculous baby boom going out in our lives right now (I have 9 pregnant girl friends at the moment, a number that has remained just about constant for significantly longer than 9 months), I have been knitting a lot of baby things.  Baby things are delightful knitting- fast, but not to simple, soft and cute and rewarding.

This pattern is Cascade by Raya Budrevich, which is free (round of applause for free!) and can be found here.

The yarn is my new absolute only favorite yarn for baby knitting, Cascade (coincidence) 128 Superwash, which is probably a bit on the chunky side for this pattern, but soft, so wound up working pretty well to make a nice, warm, cardigan.

And the color!  Gah!  I’m not a purple kid, but man, this purple is the stuff.  So much pretty heathered prettiness.

Go snuggle somebody cute and tiny.  Or wrap them in washable wool.  Your choice.