Fit with Fave - Common Sense Changes for Better Eating - Girl of Cardigan

Oh hi friends.

Let’s review, shall we?  At this point, we’ve assembled a team.  We’ve started eating off of smaller plates.  We’ve added some water.  We’ve covered half of those small plates with salad.  How are you doing?  Where are you struggling?  What’s going well?  I’d love to know.

This week’s challenge is another easy one.  I know many of you are still figuring out how to make the salad challenge work for you (and hang tight – lots more fun with salads is headed your way in the next few weeks), so all I’m asking you to do this week is make an effort to eat at the table.

Why?  So many reasons!  Table eating is relational, and it makes eating feel like an intentional ritual instead of something you’re mindlessly doing while you watch The Voice.  Yeah, I see you.  Sit down with your spouse, your roommates, your kids, a good book – eat at the table.  Not the TV tray.  The table.  That’s it!  That’s all!  You can do it!


Go-Ahead Challenge: Shrink the sweetener in your coffee.  Normally order a vanilla latte?  Get half the syrup this week.  Two sugar packages in your iced tea?  This week, try just one.  We’ll have a Starbucks Life Hack post coming up that will teach you some insider tricks to having your coffee and drinking it too, but for now, see what happens when you half the sweetness.  You may be surprised.

  • Doris H. Thurston May 13, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Dear Karen, what a wonderful introduction to YOU the mother (whom I have hardly met but have great anticipation). It is an artistic and informative bit of history you are sharing – and my anticipation runs high for our June get-together in Port Townsend. Noel, you are grinning at your grandmother, aren’t you! Hugs all around, and say my name to Fave so I won’t have to wait too long for a hug. Loving good wishes, Grandmother Doris